Why Are Fixies So Popular? Here are Top 7 Reasons

Owning the right kind of bike nowadays is the new trend if being on the road is your passion. Those who love to ride on the roads with style and like being unique prefer fixies over anything else.

If you're just starting out with fast bikes but want to keep up with the trend and style, you can go for these fixie bikes in the blink of an eye. It's always a matter of interest to beginners regarding the reason behind such fame of fixie bikes.

So, in case you're wondering, "why are fixies so popular?"- we've got you covered. Our discussion deals with all the information you need to know about these acknowledged fixie bikes.

What Are Fixies?

Fixies are short for fixed-wheel bikes, and the name explains the design and the exterior structure. These bikes are designed with cogs directly fastened to the pedals.

So, unlike other bikes, fixies move forward as you pedal forward and vice versa. Sounds tough and exhausting, right? But that's not the case usually. As these bikes come with fewer parts, so it feels lighter and easier to carry around.

Fixies work independently of gear, 

so it is your job to do the pedaling. As you keep pedaling, the more your muscles are in action, and you can stay in shape year-round. With such bikes, you can develop a strong connection with your bike as you get full control of slowing or raising the speed of your motion.

Because you can reduce the speed of a fixie by inhibiting the pedal course, it gives you enough time to stay attached to your bike. It's all about taking the rides slow and steady. This pretty much explains what the hype about fixie bikes is all about!

Why Are Fixies So Popular?

Now that you know what fixies are, you might be wondering why these bikes are so much in demand right now. So, to simplify your worries, we've categorized some of the best reasons why you need to get a fixie too!

Here are some of the reasons why you should get a fixie bike in your life-

01. Simple and Stylish

Fixed gear bikes are simple and traditional bicycles that have been around for quite some time. They bear fewer parts compared to the main categories of bikes out there. So, they look convenient and basic.

Apart from that, they are very stylish and look appealing to hipsters and individuals who prefer classic over modern designs.

02. Slowly Cultivable

With bikes like these, you can just keep learning at your own pace. There's no hurry, and there's no rush when you're learning how to ride on a fixie bike.

Especially with an innovative bike like this, you can slowly learn your way and build the pace according to your capability. With each try, you can work on your preferred speed and get better every day.

So, if you're looking for a bike that you can learn to work with at your own pace, these fixie bikes are a perfect match.

03. For Staying Fit

Of course, this is one of the main reasons why fixies are so popular right now! With each motion, you're actually doing work-out for your body! These bicycles require you to pedal forward and backward and thus involves the muscles of your lower limb and waist to get in full action.

Moving on with regular pedaling and riding this bike on an everyday basis, you can actually start noticing a change in your body. The high modulation levels of the fixies provide you with full support and flexibility to your muscles.

With no chance for your legs to pause, 

your muscles avoid stiffening up easily, and a rhythm is maintained. So, if you're a fitness junkie, this is right up your alley!

04. Compact and lightweight

As fixies bear the minimum parts and have no complicated attachments, they look light, and they feel light. They bear a compact, portable and travel-friendly design that is perfect for someone who's always on the road.

So, if you hate those bikes that you need to carry up and down the slopes, fixies are the perfect options. These kinds of bikes make traveling and adventures easier and simpler.

05. Calm and Quiet Rides

If you're a traveler that likes to ride solo, you know how a quiet and serene ride can make a big difference. Riders enjoy to think and lose themselves to the whole world of thoughts and realizations, and a silent ride on a bike can actually be calming for many.

This is where fixies come useful. Unlike regular bikes with all the clanking and grinding sounds, these bikes go totally silent. Since there are no freewheel ratchets, cogs, or chains in the construction, there is no disturbing or annoying sound.

With a fixie on the road, 

you can enjoy a calm and serene ride with yourself away from the hustles of the world on the other side.

06. Room for Customization

When you're a thinker and a traveler, art is something that is always attached to you. Of course, bikers love to display their love for art through their bikes. Customizing your fixies is way easier than customizing regular bikes.

Usually, when you're a biker, you can face a lot of difficulties while customizing your bike. These include getting colored tires, introducing decals, and so on. But with a fixie, since your options are limited, you can actually get more room for decorating your bike in your own way.

07. Low Maintenance

Fixies are amazing options for people who absolutely hate taking care of their bikes. The benefit of a fixed-gear bicycle is that with a smaller number of parts, there is no chance of wearing out or making frequent visits to mechanic shops every other day.

Although these bikes need lubing the chain occasionally, the rest of the bike is pretty simple and straightforward. So, you don't have to worry about wearing off the bike parts or maintaining it on an everyday basis.

For bikers who don't have the time or the energy to look after their bikes, fixies are the perfect deal. With all these amazing benefits in the palm of your hand, why would anyone buy something other than a fixie, right? This is why they are so popular right now compared to regular bikes.


their rising popularity is due to their sturdy features, trendy style, and amazing quality. The user-friendly characteristics of these bikes are what's actually keeping them going.


Wrapping up, it is pretty clear that fixies are currently on fleek considering their different unique traits and style. They not only provide you with a healthy and fit body but also look hip and smart.

So, if you're thinking, "why are fixies so popular?"- 

you can follow our discussion where we talk about everything related to these amazing bikes. It will give you a clear idea of why these bikes are currently in demand everywhere!

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