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11 Best Shoes For Longboarding In 2021 (UPDATED PICKS)

Folks in urban areas seldom have the opportunity to partake in team sports and field games. Therefore, many prefer extreme sports to satisfy their weekly adrenaline rush or exercise requirements. Among the many variations in this game genre, one of the most popular ones happens to be longboarding. The rush of wind when plowing down the […]

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Top 7 Best Longboard Fins In 2021 (RECOMMENDED ONLY)

Surfing is a popular hobby for most people residing near beaches. The whole experience is thrilling with the scorching heat and the sound of the waves surrounding you. However, if you want the best surfing escapade, you would need to focus more on your fins. According to research, getting the right surfboard fin can enhance your […]

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9 Best Longboard Helmets In 2021 (SAFETY FIRST)

Longboarding is one of the most exhilarating ways to move around town and is an amazing sport. It is also highly thrilling when you perform different tricks and moves to bring out the daredevil inside you. But it is also very dangerous, and only a fool would go longboarding without having the right protective gear. Those […]

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13 Best Longboard Wheels (Complete Guide and Reviews 2021)

Longboards are typically better for riding around towns because they are built for larger wheels, making them quicker and a more convenient mode of transportation. In order to ride around smoothly, you need appropriate wheels for them. Whether you want to slide across your campus, attempt new tricks, or crouse through mountains, finding the right wheel […]

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17 Best Skateboard Trucks (Reviews and Buying Guide)

What are the skateboard trucks? Well, they are such vital accessories to the skaters that without the proper ones, skating will have no meaning. These trucks are not nonsensical additional gadgets, let us remind you. They are the middle-man between wheels and the bearings. That being said, the best skateboard trucks will help you to control […]

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Freedare Skateboard Wheels Review

The wheels are probably one of the most crucial factors you have to think of when building a custom skateboard or simply purchasing one.  Now, the sheer number of wheels available in the market can be overwhelming for many. So, to save you from the hassle, we bring you the best of the best: the Freedare […]

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iWonder Skateboard Wheels Review

One of the most prominent inventions in the world is something we take for granted. Wheels. They are used for different modes of transport, cars, buses, airplanes, and even skateboards. All of these moves because the round wheels enable them to do so. Specifically for today, we have the iWonder skateboard wheels review. Here I will […]

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