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Caraci Fixie Bike Review and Buying Guide

With all these fixed gear bikes boasting high-quality drivetrains, wheels, rims, and chains, it can get pretty overwhelming while choosing one.  The market is filled with competitions trying to one-up each other in some way. However, with all that confusion, there is one thing for sure, Caraci is a brand that stands out from the rest […]

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Retrospec Fixie Bike Review and Buyers Guide

Retrospec is hands down one of the most reputed brands there is when it comes to manufacturing single-speed fixed gear bikes. They haven’t failed to put their charms on the new Harper single-speed bike. Yep, you probably know that this fixie is on the priority list of almost all bike enthusiasts. Wonder why? Well, made of top-notch […]

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7 Best Fixie Frames in 2021 (Buyers Guide and Reviews)

A bike frame quite literally makes or breaks the whole configuration of the vehicle. If it’s not lightweight enough, it will directly affect the overall performance of the bike. If it’s too stiff, you won’t be able to take turns as easily or move around the corners at all. It can be overwhelming to grasp the concept […]

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Big Shot Bike Review and Complete Buying Guide

While gear shifters in bikes are cool and all, nothing can beat a good old fixed gear bike. These bikes may seem outdated, but some brands are doing a terrific job at reintroducing them with a more modern touch.Although such recreation of fixie bikes is quite common nowadays, not all brands are doing it right.Want […]

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