Preparing Home for Winter; How to Get Kid’s Home Ready?

Winter’s coming. While weatherproofing is probably on the to-do list now, you need to balance this with your children’s health and safety. Here are our top 7 tips for getting your children’s home ready for winter while keeping your children safe.

7 Tips for Getting Children’s Home Ready for Wnter

01. Childproof Heat Sources

It is amazing how many people put up a barrier around the Christmas tree but won’t do the same to a heat source like a radiator or heater. Yet it is that heater or radiator that is most likely to injure your child.

A child touching it out of curiosity can get burned. This is why you should consider putting a permanent barrier around radiators, unless you’re going to upgrade to a radiator that won’t cause burns on contact.

Either get low heat heaters that can’t burn someone who touches them, or put a guard around it.

02. Pick Up a Stroller Weather Cover

Weather covers are like a jacket or rain coat for your child’s stroller. It protects them from wind, rain, sleet and snow. Depending on the weather cover, it may protect them from bugs, too.

Note that weather covers range from bulky contraptions to convenient throw-on covers. maintains lists of the best stroller weather covers and other stroller accessories on the market today.

03. Childproof the Fireplace

A fireplace poses a variety of risks to children. One solution is installing glass doors or another barrier that let you see the fire and enjoy the heat while keeping children away from it.

You can also install a metal baby gate around the fireplace connected to the wall. Plastic isn’t suitable because it could melt or catch fire if hit by a spark.

If there isn’t a barrier preventing the child from coming into contact with the stone fireplace riser, you might want to put padding on it so your child won’t get hurt if they run into it.

04. Practice a Fire Escape Plan

Winter is a dark season. We make up for it by turning on lights, breaking out the candles and lighting up the fireplace. While putting candles out of reach of children and blocking off a fireplace is essential, you should prepare for the worst case scenario – a fire.

Practice a fire escape plan with your family. Have a set plan for who will grab the baby and where they’ll exit the house.

05. Anchor Heavy Items

Children stuck inside all day still want to climb and play. This is why you should anchor TVs, credenzas and bookshelves. Don’t forget to anchor the stove so it can’t tip over if a child climbs onto it.

Anti-tip brackets will hold it securely to the floor. While you’re at it, apply safety latches and locks to cabinets to keep curious children out.

06. Buy Sleepers, Not Comforters

Soft bedding is a suffocation hazard. This is why you should buy warm sleep sacks for your child to sleep on while laying on top of a basic crib sheet. You can put a warm blanket on top of your child, but too many layers can pose a problem.

Don’t put a lot of plush pillows or a thick bumper pad in the crib until the child is at least a year old for the same reason.

07. Check Your Hot Water Heater

One of the least known tips for how to get kids home ready for winter involves your hot water heater. A good first step is turning the water temperature down to 120 degrees. This is hot enough to kill bacteria but cool enough to not cause third degree burns if it hits your child.

What is the next step?

The next step is doing maintenance on the hot water heater. Purge the water inside to flush out sediments. When that sludge accumulates on the bottom of the tank, the heating elements may over-heat the bottom trying to heat up the water.

Do the water tank make noise?

The water tank will make noise as hot water bubbles up through the sediment, but it also creates the risk that hot minerals will be laced throughout the hot water. Then there’s the fact that this accelerates the aging of the water tank.


Preparations for winter should include seasonally appropriate child-proofing. Take these tips into account when deciding what you need to do to get ready for the coldest part of the year. To get more tips and tricks for the parenting time, We recommend you to visit because It publish awesome articles regular basis that you shouldn't miss. 

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