Best Stitching Pony of 2021 (Ranked and Reviewed)

People who use leather made stuff always seek a classic, elegant, and minimalistic hand touch on their leather made product. Even a stitched line on the edge will not be overlooked. And if you are someone who does any kind of leatherwork, you will definitely know that you cannot ensure perfection without the touch of […]

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7 Best Fixie Rims in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Lightweight or Durability? Which one should you opt for when buying wheels for your bike? We all face this dichotomy, but there’s a solution. Carbon fiber as a base material has changed how cyclists think. It can deliver high durability without adding a lot of weight. And they are the best fixie rims as of […]

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Is Fixie Bike Dangerous? Know the Truth!

Riding a fixie bike has grown exponentially due to its integral versatility and utmost convenience.But, is fixie bike dangerous? That seems to be a very common question, but it doesn’t have any simple answer. To understand whether you should get a fixie bike, first you need to understand its mechanism. Fixie bikes have fixed gears, and […]

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