MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels Review

If you ride a longboard daily, you know that the longboard wheel is just as important as the base and design of the board. Often, this decides whether or not you can ride over certain areas.

The right type of wheel can also help make your longboard last a longer time, especially if it is shock absorbent.

If you’re looking for wheels with quality and durability, the MBs wheel is just the thing you need. You’ll find all there is to know about this product in our MBS all-terrain longboard wheels review. 

7 Great Thing for MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels Review

So, if you can't decide whether or not to buy these wheels, just keep on reading.

Design Uniqueness

The first thing that we notice in longboard wheels is the design. So, the tread pattern will surely catch your eye. MBS has made this wheel to both be good looking and work well. This unique tread pattern, which goes on a bit straighter than the usual ones you see, has a special purpose that we will soon discuss. 

When it comes to the actual design or looks of the wheel, this is a simple shiny black wheel that will go with longboards of any design. It's quite basic and thus fits right into a lot of people's tastes.

Made with high-grade urethane, the wheels have just the right amount of giving. They are flexible enough to ride over rocks or small sharp objects without getting punctured but stiff enough to support you.

Urethane makes the wheels more durable as well. There's a lesser need to replace them because they don't get dents or scratches so easily.

You can never go wrong with a hunky and a bit squishy wheel like this one; it’s a safe bet!

Where Do I Use It?

When MBS said that these wheels were all-terrain, they were not kidding. We're highly impressed by how well these wheels work on any kind of surface.

With these wheels attached, you can ride your longboard on cement, grass, dirt, and even pavements. This flexibility makes the wheels quite ideal for on-campus riding.

You can also add these to electric longboards that you use for the commute. Professional longboard dancers and performers have also had a great experience with these wheels.

Because of the build and design of the wheels, you can ride over almost anything without damaging the surface of your wheels. So, if you don’t have a specific kind of pavement that you ride your longboard over, these 78a wheels will be quite helpful. 

The Tread Pattern

Now we get to the best part, the tread pattern of the wheel. You'll notice that the tread pattern on this wheel is unique. They almost look like a collage of vertical and horizontal lines set together to form the perfect pattern.

This unique tread pattern is what makes these wheels so irresistible. Not only does it add a lot to the look of the wheels, but it also helps a lot when riding.

The pattern gives the wheels an incomparable grip power. More grip also means more control. Wheels with high grip power such as this one make riding over unusual paths easier and much more manageable.

Ride your longboard over grass, pavements, cement, and even sand with these all-terrain longboard wheels.

The Ground Clearance

These are not tiny wheels. So, the obvious high height of the wheels gives you greater ground clearance. But this factor does depend on your weight as well.

People over 200 lbs have noticed that the wheel does touch the ground, but only in the middle. It doesn’t get in the way. Otherwise, the wheels allow the longboard to bend slightly, just as much as you need to get good control over your ride.

This feature makes the wheels even more versatile. You can use the wheels for casual commute and also for starting tricks and performances.

Wheels Size

As we've mentioned before, these wheels are quite large. That is why we would recommend checking the compatibility of the wheels with your longboard.

The 100mm wheels are a great size if you have to roll over a lot of dirt, dust, or pebbles. Wheels that are a bit bigger can roll over substances with ease.

Most of the time, you won't even feel the material under the wheels. Because the wheels don't allow the longboard to be affected by slight impacts, you get a smoother ride with no interruption.

Bigger wheels also mean greater speed. The wheels roll for a long time, so there's lesser need to push. Get greater acceleration and speed with the 100mm wheels for your longboard.

Style Decks

Because of the larger size, the wheels might not be compatible with a lot of smaller decks. If you want to prevent wheel bites, you need to check whether or not the deck of your longboard can handle a wheel of this size. 

Other than the size, these wheels are compatible with decks of any style, material, and shape.


Known for being high rebound, these wheels are great for any style of riding. They absorb all shocks and vibrations. So, when you ride over rough terrains, you might not feel a thing under the wheels.

Durable and sturdy wheels like this one can take on a lot of weight as well. High rebound wheels play a great role in making your longboards more long-lasting. They are less affected by collisions and impact.

This feature also makes the wheels more resistant to the brutal impacts and collisions it might face when practicing tricks. So, although these wheels are a bit on the pricier side, they perform well and will surely last a long time. It's a great product to invest in.


We're sure by the end of this MBS all-terrain longboard wheels review; you can see just how great of a product this is. Trust us; if the wheels are compatible with your longboard, you won't regret buying these.

They can be used on any terrain, and they help keep your deck in great shape!  Happy skating!

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