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7 Best Fixie Rims in 2021 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Lightweight or Durability? Which one should you opt for when buying wheels for your bike? We all face this dichotomy, but there’s a solution. Carbon fiber as a base material has changed how cyclists think. It can deliver high durability without adding a lot of weight. And they are the best fixie rims as of […]

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Is Fixie Bike Dangerous? Know the Truth!

Riding a fixie bike has grown exponentially due to its integral versatility and utmost convenience.But, is fixie bike dangerous? That seems to be a very common question, but it doesn’t have any simple answer. To understand whether you should get a fixie bike, first you need to understand its mechanism. Fixie bikes have fixed gears, and […]

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7 Best Winter Fixie Tires (Reviews and Buying Guide)

While biking on the countryside can be a lot of fun, not all seasons are friendly to this outdoor activity. Particularly during winter, the conditions can be so tough that accidents are there waiting to happen. The risks are many, but you can easily avoid them with the best winter fixie tires. What makes these tires […]

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State Cycle Co. Deep V Wheelset Review

When Deep V Wheels first rose to popularity two decades ago, it matched perfectly with the boom of fixie bikes. Ever since that moment, cyclists had a new favorite wheel that not only improved their performance on the bike but also made the whole experience of riding a bike much more satisfying.  Though modern Deep V […]

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Pure Fix Fixie Review

Are you looking for a bike that is affordable yet classy? Do you want to ride smoothly but don’t want to break the bank? If yes, then look no further. The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle is your clear option. This simple and polished bike from Pure Cycle is well reputed for its […]

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RaceFace Atlas Wide Riser Bars Review

When you’re on the hunt for riser bars that go with your loved bike, you surely want the best. The RaceFace Atlas wide bars are one of the best handlebars out there for your bike, which will provide you with maximum quality in terms of your paying price. Especially if you’re a mountain biker and prefer […]

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