7 Best Winter Fixie Tires (Reviews and Buying Guide)

While biking on the countryside can be a lot of fun, not all seasons are friendly to this outdoor activity. Particularly during winter, the conditions can be so tough that accidents are there waiting to happen. The risks are many, but you can easily avoid them with the best winter fixie tires.

What makes these tires good for winter? A variety of reasons, which include higher resistance, improved durability, and outstanding grip to keep control of the wheels over rough terrains.

Want to find out more about what these tires can do and how they can improve your experience on the road? Then, let's find out by reviewing the top 7 fixie tires ideal for winter.

Top Choice
Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire
Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire
  • Solid grip
  • High resistance
  • Optimized tread 
Best Budget
Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire
Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire
  • Rolls smoothly
  • Puncture protection
  • Good traction/grip
Best Value
Continental Top Contact Bike Tire
Continental Top Contact Bike Tire
  • Lightweight
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Vectran Protection

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Need a reliable bike tire for winter? Check out these!

01. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this tire excels by delivering puncture resistance like no other. Though it's a rather old tire model, it continues to be among the most reliable ever made.

This tire features the 3/180 carcass, DuraSkin fabric, and the PolyXBreaker tech to guarantee outstanding puncture resistance.

Though a bit outdated after comparing it to the brand's latest stuff, the "durable carbon black mixture" has proper optimization to provide less wear. All of that amounts to a fantastic grip, especially under cold weather.


Due to the high-quality material combination found in this tire, its effective design barely has any rival. Besides the 25c model, other sizes available are 23c, 28c, 32c. Plus, the weight also makes this one a comfortable pick, as it only weighs 240 grams.

"Claimed weight of the 25C folding Gatorskin is 240 grams, which is a low weight for such a strong tire."

Bicycle Rolling Resistance


As far as winter fixie tires go, the Gatorskin is the top choice. Due to its remarkable resistance, cyclists will be able to tackle the toughest conditions.

The tire does seem to sacrifice speed in exchange for resistance, but it's barely notable overall. For the price, the Gatorskin is worth every bit of money.

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Solid grip over dry or wet surfaces
  • Optimized tread for less wear
  • High resistance to tough conditions
  • Not designed for high speeds

02. Panaracer Catalyst Sport Tire with Wire Bead


Available in colors like red, white, black, yellow, and more, here's the perfect tire to get matching gear for competition or casual rides. Of course, there's more to this tire than just color variety. Here's what you can expect from it.


The wire bead construction is one of the strongest points of this tire. It provides benefits such as resistance to tough environments, improved traction, and better handling of the bike.

However, the bead may make the installation a bit harder, requiring stronger tire levers to get it set up without issues. At 320 grams of weight, this tire feels balanced and stable throughout roads, whether it's over wet, dry, or snowy ground. Furthermore, the thick design of the sidewalls prevents foreign objects from compromising the integrity of the tire.


This tire is truly a flexible product. It performs just as good over the snow as it does across main roads, delivering good traction while giving cyclists effective grip for total control. 

The tire is also good for taking corners, as it feels secure and holds its ground decently. When other tires aren't enough, the Panaracer Catalyst Sport comes as the perfect alternative.

It's durable for continuous use, resistant to put up with tough conditions, and comfortable for longer rides.

  • Improves handling and maneuverability in tough conditions
  • Lightweight build for smooth rides
  • Great thickness to resist foreign objects
  • Different colors available
  • Not easy to replace, requiring strong tire levers

03. Vittoria Zaffiro II Wire


A modern tire for cyclists that enjoy staying up to date with the newest trends, the Vittoria Zaffiro II is good-looking, highly capable, and super resistant as well.

Recommended by many, this tire delivers optimal performance on most roads.


This tire features the Aramid 3D Compound, which brings strength and flexibility. Plus, the 26 TPI casing has a high carbon content for more durability during those long rides.

The tire has PRB material below the tread to guarantee a safe ride. Should you encounter foreign objects along the road, the high puncture resistance offered by this material prevents damages.


The thin design of the tire is one of the very first things that quickly grabbed our attention. Though it may look simple and not resistant enough to do well in winter conditions, the technology and materials behind its build make the tire stand out.

Also, while there's nothing wrong with the wire beads, they do seem to be stiffer and significantly heavier than most other tires.


Like only tires of the highest quality can do, the Vittoria Zaffiro II offers efficiency due to the flexible materials used for its build. The result is a tire that rides smoothly, giving cyclists an optimal grip, plenty of traction, and balance on the road.

  • Long-lasting build featuring 26 TPI casing
  • Twin Tread design improves grip and balance
  • PRB material offers optimal puncture resistance
  • Capacity to put up with 145 PSI
  • Wire beads are stiff and heavy

04. WTB ThickSlick Comp tire


Due to their positive reputation, I had a lot of expectations for this tire. Luckily, it met most of my demands easily.


By featuring a high-quality construction made of rubber tread, there's a lot this tire can put up with — It's an efficient material that delivers the perfect combination of control and resistance.

"Twice the rubber tread equates to twice the lifespan of a tire," proudly says the manufacturer. Fortunately, the statement is actually true.

After going out for a ride, something that stood out to me was how the burly casing is everything you could expect in terms of protection and safety — No glass, pins, or staples left behind any damage.


There are two points that I want to bring up when it comes to the slick design of this tire. First, this design feels pleasant because it provides a lot of traction, particularly over those rough surfaces that may be tricky for standard road tires.

Secondly, doesn't the esthetics of the tire look great? Both the thin construction and the beautiful black and white color make it one of the most good looking units.


While the extra thickness is fantastic for improved protection, it also provides another benefit: a smoother ride.  On the road, the added rubber tread guarantees a comfortable, smooth experience at all times.

There’s also little vibration, which helps with the handling of the bike. Traction was also good over most surfaces, but not all of them.

Though the tire does well over light snow, it won't perform as well at deeper snow. As long as you stick to urban environments and friendlier winter conditions, expect this road tire to deliver excellent results.

  • Extra thick rubber build
  • Two colors available
  • The burly casing provides protection
  • Offers comfortable, smooth rides with no vibrations
  • Not good for deep snow

05. Continental Ultra Sport II Road Clincher


Looking for variety? Then, Continental is the way to go. Available in sizes from 23mm to 28mm, there's one of this tire for everyone. Even better, the price is highly affordable.

Here's my review of this tire after multiple tests. Created with a supple 3/180 TPI-casing and silica-based tread compound, the build of this tire is top-notch.

Most of its durability comes from the center tread, which is capable of resisting consistent riding and withstanding bumps along the road.

The tire's construction is one of the reasons why it'd be a suitable choice for different types of cyclists, whether they use it for competition, touring, or traveling long roads.


The 3/180 TPI design is one of the most valuable traits this tire has to offer, as it provides plenty of protection against puncture and potential damage.

Besides, it provides a solid grip as well as decent mileage to tackle most roads. As a minor setback, the tire isn't as easy to mount as others. In some cases, you may need a few tire levers to get the job done.


Consistency and reliability would be two excellent words to describe this tire. The handling feels incredible, as does the grip once you get the hang of it.

Traction is also off the charts, giving you total control of the bike even over wet surfaces.

  • High durability and resistance
  • Excellent handling over rough surfaces
  • Many sizes available
  • Great traction and solid grip
  • Not as easy to mount

06. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro IV Road Tire


Economical and modern, this tire is the perfect choice for those cyclists that don't want to break the bank but still want a reliable tire that gives them some flexibility over many tasks.


The tire features an enhanced Graphene compound that makes it suitable for different terrains, including winter seasons.

Under this weather, the high puncture resistance allows cyclists to reach their destination safely, as the tire’s modern tread can resist those circumstances.

Here’s when the strong nylon casing comes into play as well, delivering long tread life to secure more time on the road.


If anything, this tire looks impeccable. The modern design not only makes it one of the most eye-catching out there but also ideal for a variety of activities.

Whether you use it for casual riding or even for professional training, the Vittoria Zaffiro Pro IV is a tire that delivers excellence in many areas.


After running for hundreds of miles, this tire offered total control with no flats or grip loss. The traction was also alright, especially while taking corners.

Other advantages of this tire are balance and stability, which made it easy to maneuver the bike during winter conditions. Over dry terrains, the bike performed well, but it isn’t the most suitable for slippery terrains.

  • Durable and resistant build for safer rides
  • The tread pattern is modern, good-looking, and effective
  • Provides good grip and balance
  • Incredible traction for optimal riding
  • Not good for slippery surfaces

07. Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire

41a kZ1 yRL

As it couldn’t be any other way, we’re closing the reviews with yet another Continental tire. This one is a bit different, though. Slightly larger and significantly heavier than the rest, there’s a lot to uncover from the Contact Plus bike tire.


Since this tire is compatible with e-bikes, there are a few features designed for those types of bikes. For instance, the Safety System Breaker comes with an elastic material, creating a durable casing with high resistance. This system is also surprisingly efficient, as it allows battery saving and protects the environment.

“Thanks to the plus in puncture protection, nobody will be left behind with a flat tire.”

Continental Tires


Available sizes from 28 to 47mm, the tire offers variety to satisfy different cyclists. While the tire’s sturdiness feels good, its weight may be a problem for some — The 42mm model weighs 998g, making it one of the heaviest.

Nonetheless, the bulkier design does lead to increased balance. Considering e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h, more balance is a plus.


Much like other tires from Continental, the Contact Plus is capable of delivering a satisfying performance for an affordable price. Other than doing well during winter, this tire is effective for pavement and gravel.

It rolls both smoothly and quietly, keeping the cyclist’s comfort in mind. Even though the weight of the tire can be a drawback for specific cycling activities, the truth is that the added weight comes in perfectly for winter riding.

  • Rolls smoothly and quietly 
  • Puncture protection to tackle tough roads
  • Saves e-bike’s battery power
  • Good traction, grip, and stability
  • This tire is heavy

Final Words

With the best winter fixie tires, you no longer have to worry about the risks of snowy roads. These will make your bike ten times better, making each ride safer and as fun, as it can be.

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