Best RV Water Pressure Regulators in 2021 (Reviews & Guide)

A RV water pressure regulator is the insurance policy you need for your RV that you didn’t know you needed. The best rv water pressure regulator sits between the incoming water source and your RV, preventing uneven and even dangerous water flow into your water tank or plumbing system. Water pressure regulators may have a single pressure setting, or you might get an adjustable regulator that you can set where you want it.

Top 3 Best RV Water Pressure Regulators - Comparison 

Here are Top 13 Best RV Water Pressure Regulator Full Reviews

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#01. Camco Model 40055 RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator


Editor Rating: 4.7 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

The Camco model 40055 regulator is one of the best rv water pressure regulators for those on a budget. It is cheap. Yet it is capable of delivering a safe 40 to 50 PSI. It is designed to connect to three quarter inch garden hoses.

This inline RV pressure regulator gets points for being safe for contact with drinking water. It meets very strict low lead content certification standards. It even meets California’s AB1953.The brass connector / regulator doesn’t contain lead.

This is a small, basic water regulator. At an inch long, it won’t take up much space. It weighs less than two ounces. A side benefit of the compact design is that it is easy to carry a spare.

What is the Downside here?

One issue with this water pressure regulator for RVs is the accuracy. It does give you safe water pressure. However, it may lower water pressure far more than you expect. For example, it is rated for 40 to 50 PSI but often delivers just 30 PSI. That’s safe for your plumbing system, but it makes filling up a water tank time-consuming. It could also prevent your washing machine from working, if you’re connected to water and power at an RV park.

Another point to remember

Another issue is its tendency to leak. It won’t leak immediately. The problem occurs after two to four months of continual use. The low water pressure issue will occur whether or not the regulator is leaking.

On the other hand, because this is a simple in-line adapter/regulator, it won’t have the fold-up joint lock up or leak because it doesn’t have one.


  • Price
  • Water safety


  • Leaking
  • Often causes too low water pressure

#02.  Renator Brand Model M11-0660R Pressure Regulator Valve


Editor Rating: 4.6 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This is an adjustable water pressure / regulator. It is adjustable up to 160 PSI, though that doesn’t mean your RV water system can handle that.

It even has a water pressure gauge, so you can monitor the water pressure. The M11-0660R model was updated in 2016 has a better, more reliable brass regulator.

It is more durable and thus less prone to failure. For example, the regulator gauge contains oil that lubricates the parts, ensuring an accurate readout for years.

The unit has a built-in water screen to prevent sediment and debris from reaching your water tank. 

However, this does nothing about hard water. The solder used in the assembly of this water pressure regulator is nearly lead-free. It meets NSF safe water certifications. NSF is one of the premier, independent food safety standards organizations.

Some difficulties are mentioned.

One downside is the price. This unit costs several times more than a simple in-line water regulator. Another issue is durability. The units made since their redesign in 2016 is more reliable than the prior ones, but it is still not the most reliable on the market. The valve is prone to failing after a few months, and then it can’t control the water pressure.

It will almost always fail by the two year mark. You can tell when this happens by watching the gauge.Attaching it to hoses is relatively straightforward, but the valve screw can be hard to turn. That can make it an effort to adjust the water pressure.


  •  Adjustable
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • High pressure tolerance


  •  Price
  • Short-lived valves

#03.  Camco Model 40064 Brass Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge


Editor Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

One point in favor of this water pressure regulator is the easy-to-read gauge. You don’t need your reading glasses to know that the water pressure is creeping up to dangerous level.

The color coded gauge tells you both when pressure is too high and too low. This will mean that you get a warning if the water pressure is very high and that’s what you want.

It will not tell you an exact numeric PSI rating. It is preset to forty to fifty PSI. The water pressure tends to be on the low end of this range. 

Any clogs or scale means you may get 35 PSI instead of 40. Another benefit of this unit is the design. The gauge is flush against the water valve. It takes up very little space, and you don’t have to deal with a collapsing unit.The unit is designed to connect to the standard three quarter inch garden hose. Furthermore, it is certified to be low lead.

What is the cause of pressure to drop?

This unit is not adjustable. It sometimes allows air into the line, and that can cause pressure to drop. The unit rarely leaks, but this will make the low pressure problem worse when it occurs. If it leaks, it will typically be at the gauge.

It has a relatively modest life span. It may run for several months before it fails. It does do better than some cheap models in this regard.


  • Easy to read gauge
  • Fits the standard water hose
  • Low lead


  •  Can’t get an accurate reading
  • Not adjustable
  • Tends to have low water pressure

#04.  Valterra RV Hi-Flow Water Regulator, 50 to 55 psi


Editor Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

Valterra makes this unit in both brass and stainless steel. We recommend the brass unit because it is significantly cheaper but just as reliable. Furthermore, it is lead free.

This water pressure regulator is designed to limit water pressure to 50 to 55 PSI.

Note that this is too high for older RVs. Know what water pressure your RV can handle before you buy it, because you cannot adjust it to get water inlet pressure below fifty PSI. 

It does handle the water pressure well. This may be the best rv adjustable water pressure regulator for newer RVs that call for higher water pressures.

There is no pressure gauge. However, that’s not uncommon in cheaper units. This water pressure regulator will last up to two years. That’s far better than others in its price range.

The unit tends to leak at the seals, especially after a few months of continual use. It also leaks at the middle section where it swivels. That’s one reason why we’ve recommended so many simple, straight water pressure regulators for RVs.

There is no gauge, so you don’t know when the seals leaking is causing the water pressure to drop.


  •  Long-lasting, barring the seals
  • A rare option for high pressure systems other than adjustable ones


  • Multiple leak points

#05.   RVAQUA Brand Kozyvacu M11-45PSI Water Pressure Regulator for RVs


Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This may be the rv water pressure regulator for high pressure applications. It can work at up to 160 PSI. On the other hand, you can turn the water pressure down to nearly zero.

It is an adjustable pressure regulator, and you control it via an easy-to-use screw. The unit itself is easy to install.

One point in its favor is the lead-free construction. Another is the screened filter that helps prevent debris and water scale from reaching your RV’s plumbing system. 

Note that this is not the same as a classic water filter. It will prevent a piece of lime scale from a water-well clogging your pipes, but it won’t filter out rust or fine sediment. Instead, it meets NSF water safety standards. 

Another benefit of this product is that you can remove the valve spool and clean it, if there is a blockage or hard water scale buildup.This stainless steel water gauge is less prone to leaking than average. However, you can’t replace the seals on your own.

One issue with this regulator is durability. It may last up to a year, but it doesn’t always last that long. The gauge itself may fail sooner than that. The failure here is obvious, since you’ll typically stop seeing a pressure reading though water is flowing through the system. In other cases, it stops providing accurate readings.


  •  Easy to use
  • Safe and protects your drinking water
  • Key parts can be cleaned and cleared


  • Not durable

#06.  Camco Model 40143 Plastic Water Pressure Regulator


Editor Rating: 4.2 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This bright blue water pressure regulator is hard to miss in the storage compartment. It weighs less than an ounce and has a small, compact design. It is easy to store a spare in case you lose the first one.

It is preset to forty to fifty PSI. This unit isn’t adjustable. But the simpler design means it has fewer pieces that could fail.

For example, folding units often leak at the flexure point. One point in its favor is the low cost. That’s partially because it is made of plastic. It is naturally low-lead. 

This is probably the best water pressure regulator for RV owners who don't want rust or copper oxide ever getting into their water supply.

A major advantage of this model is that it can fit both male and female three quarter inch garden hose threads. The connection itself may or may not be tight. That may be the cost of being able to fit both types of hose connections.

Have any idea of the ABS plastic?

The ABS plastic is not very durable. It won’t rust. However, it can crack at very low temperatures and be damaged by impact. It maintains the 50 PSI maximum via a hole in it that will leak at 50 PSI plus.

This can cause it to spew water if you get a water pressure surge. That will make a big mess.


  • Cheap
  •  Easy to see
  •  Fits both male and female hose threads


  • Not durable
  •  Messy pressure relief outlet

#07.  Valterra Brand Water Regulator, Adjustable

Editor Rating: 4.1 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This is an advanced water pressure regulator for RVs. It has a large, numerical pressure gauge. It comes with an inlet filter.

This can prevent blockages, and you can clean it without opening up the valve. One benefit of this design is that it is adjustable. Just turn the knob next to the pressure gauge with a flathead screwdriver.

This does mean you won’t accidentally alter the water pressure. The unit is preset to 45 PSI. Turn it up, and you can enjoy a decent shower.

It is three quarter inch hose compatible. It can screw on directly to the average campground water spigot.

This water pressure regulator is larger and heavier than average. It is roughly five inches by five inches by one inch. It weighs about a pound.

It hardly leaks, though this tends to occur around the joints on the main body. However, it sometimes cracks. It will certainly leak in these cases until there is a total failure resulting in water gushing through the pressure regulator.

You can’t fix it when this occurs. Expect it to last around a year with continual use. The unit seems designed to last about as long as the warranty.


  • Adjustable
  • Can clean incoming water filter without disassembly


  • Size and weight

#08.  Camco Brand Model 40058 Adjustable Brass RV Water Pressure Regulator


Editor Rating: 4 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This is another adjustable Camco water pressure regulator. It has an adjustable knob. It has a moderately large and somewhat easy to read pressure gauge.

The unit has a weep hole to relieve excess pressure. Water will typically drip out of this instead of spray in a messy jet.

The water pressure regulator is made of lead-free bras. It meets NSF low-lead standards. 

Note that if you see green, the bronze is corroding. This can occur around the plastic cap on the adjustment screw.

This unit should not be used above 60 PSI. It may fail at those pressures. It often leaks near the plastic fitting connects to the brass body. The fitting that connects to your RV water spigot may leak, too, because it isn’t always deep enough to get a tight seal.

This unit lasts several months of heavy usage. Once it reaches its end of life, the regulator may stop working. Then you can’t alter the pressure setting. In other cases, it stops most water flow, causing your water pressure to fall.


  •  Easy to read gauge
  • Pressure relief won’t make a big mess


  • Can’t be used at high water pressures
  • Can leak from multiple points

#09.  U.S. Solid Brand Water Pressure Regulator, Three Quarter Inch Valve


Editor Rating: 3.9 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

One benefit of this water pressure regulator for RVs is the secure three quarters inch NH thread. The thick tread creates a tight seal that prevents leaks.

This is another water pressure regulator that meets the stringent NSF lead-free standards. Better yet, it has an inlet screen to keep out large pieces of debris, though this isn’t as good as a formal water filter.

The water pressure is adjustable. This is another unit where the water pressure is adjusted using a screwdriver. It can be set anywhere from 0 to 160 PSI.

It may leak around the dial. A different issue is that the water pressure gauge may get stuck, so it no longer shows an accurate pressure reading. This is sometimes due to leaking around the gauge that causes water to get into the gauge face.


  • Leak resistant
  • Built-in water filter
  • Adjustable


  • Issues with pressure gauge

#10.  Valterra Model A01-1124VP Brass Water Regulator and Gauge


Editor Rating: 3.8 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

The pressure gauge on this model of Valterra water pressure regulators is located directly on the regulator. This results in more accurate readings while reducing the risk of leaks or damage to the gauge.

It is set to regulate the pressure to a safe 40 to 50 PSI. It is not an adjustable unit, but you can see pressure surges and drops. Most in-line water pressure regulators don’t have that features.

While this model isn’t NSF certified, it meets safe water and lead-free manufacturing standards. The brass body won’t rust. The unit has average reliability and durability. It typically lasts a few months of heavy usage. 

The unit weighs roughly half a pound. It isn’t large or heavy compared to other items in this product class. The gauge sometimes gets stuck, and it may be stuck at an impossible 120 PSI though the water is flowing at 40 PSI. A bigger problem is the unit seeming to need a moderately low pressure for anything to flow through.

What is a unique specialty?

That’s ironic given that its job is to prevent water pressure from getting too high. This can be the best high flow rv water pressure regulator when you want to know that you won’t accidentally blow out your plumbing connections.

The water pressure relief valve doesn’t always work. This means you may see a pressure surge but it won’t prevent it when this happens. On the other hand, the connections periodically leak.


  • Comes with a pressure gauge
  • Simple to use


  • Not adjustable
  •  Often leaks

#11.  TargetEvo Brand Adjustable Brass Water Pressure Regulator Reducer with Gauge


Editor Rating: 3.7 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This water pressure reducer doesn’t just have a standard pressure regulator. That’s adjustable to 160 PSI.

Simply the brass screw at the top to increase or lower the water pressure that reaches your RV. It also comes with a built-in pressure gauge.

The unit is made from essentially lead-free. It goes one step farther in protecting your drinking water by having a metal mesh screen on the intake side.

This won’t prevent tiny particles of rust or bacteria from reaching your drinking water, but it prevents pieces of water scale and pebbles from entering your water system.

The unit is roughly six inches by six inches by one inch. It weighs a little over one pound. This is a little larger than average. It is designed to connect to conventional water hoses.

It is middle of the market in terms of price. The unit has average durability. Ironically, if the gauge or control fails, it will continue to deliver the same pressure as you last had it set at. This means it will continue to provide protection for plumbing downstream if the valve fails.

What is a difficulty?

The downside is that the adjustment screw can be hard to keep in place. This means that it may creep up from 40 to 45 PSI over time if you don’t monitor and readjust it. Yet it is more likely to creep downward, so you slowly lose water pressure.

In other cases, the screw breaks and you can’t adjust it unless you take it apart. In this situation, it is better to just replace the entire gauge.


  • Protects your water quality
  •  Adjustable


  • Pressure may shift over time

#12.  MICTUNING Brand Water Pressure Regulator Valve / Water Pressure Reducer


Editor Rating: 3.6 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This Mictuning brand water pressure regulator is centered on an adjustable valve. It can be set for anything from 0 to 160 PSI.

It is preset to 45 PSI by the manufacturer. To change the setting, you’ll need a screwdriver to turn the knob.

This water pressure reducer is made from lead-free brass. It exceeds NSF water safety standards regarding lead in solder. The brass has the added benefit of resisting bacterial growth.

This unit is designed for standard three quarter inch and NH thread water hoses. It will fit with almost every RV water port. The unit has a stainless steel gauge.

The large numbers are easy to read, though it doesn’t have obvious red warning indicators that make it easier to know when things are problematic. One issue is that water may leak into the gauge, at which point, it won’t work.

How to get a replacement valve?

Unlike many other water pressure regulators, you can remove the valve spool to either clean it or replace it. However, it isn’t easy to find a replacement valve if it is required. You can’t get replacement seals. The unit is cheap enough that you won’t be upset if you have to replace it due to leaking seals.

Quality control with this design can be a problem, too. Sometimes the gauge gets stuck. The valve will continue to regulate flow but you don’t know what the water pressure is. In other cases, the threads are crossed, so you can’t screw it in properly.


  •  Removable valve
  • Easy to read


  • Quality control issues

#13.   Kepooman Brand Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator


Editor Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This adjustable water pressure regulator by Kepooman can stand pressures up to 160 PSI. It fits standard water hoses and garden hoses.

It comes with an easy to read gauge, though it only shows numbers in intervals of 20. There are no color coded warnings to make it clear when the pressure is hitting a dangerous level.

This water pressure regulator is one of the most expensive on our list. We recommend this model because the one with oil inside the gauge to improve gauge needle accuracy costs even more.

One issue that comes up is the pressure regulator. It can be hard to adjust. It may not give you the pressure you expect, though this is typically plus or minus 10 percent. Set it at 45 if you want to stay below 50 PSI.

It sometimes won’t reduce pressure below forty PSI. The gauge itself can get stuck at one point and stop moving, too. The unit often won’t work at very low water pressures, such as when you set the hose to less than 10 PSI.

This unit has average to below average durability. It typically lasts a few months of continual use. It may leak. However, it is unlikely to crack.


  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • Average durability


  •  Issues with pressure regulator
  •  Issues with pressure regulator

What's the best rv water pressure regulator?

Your RV can handle water pressures between 40 and 60 PSI. Unfortunately, municipal water pressure can hit 100 PSI. That’s separate from the risk of water pressure surges when you’re refilling from pressurized or high-up water tanks.

Incoming water with a pressure higher than what your RV plumbing system can handle will damage it. Wide fluctuations in pressure can cause problems, too. For example, the pressure surges can damage plumbing connections, creating difficult to find and repair leaks.

This is why you want the best rv water pressure regulator possible on your incoming water connection, while providing a tight seal so that you’re not leaking water as you try to refill your water tank.

However, people sometimes choose cheaper models that may leak so that they can protect their RV plumbing at relatively low cost. In other cases, you get leaking interfaces because the connection can fit such a wide variety of hoses.

Do not use a water pressure regulator on the grey or black water hose of your RV. This will contaminate your drinking water when you reuse the water pressure regulator, because they cannot be thoroughly cleaned. If the regulator is damaged, it is generally cheaper to replace it than fix it.

How does a rv water pressure regulator work?

The standard RV water pressure regulator sits between your RV and the water hose you’re using to fill the water tank. The simplest models simply moderate the incoming water pressure to a safe 40 to 50 PSI.

More advanced models have pressure gauges to let you see what the incoming water pressure is, while a few are adjustable. Then you can determine what water pressure you want for the incoming water.

Adjustable RV water pressure regulators are often pre-set at 45 PSI, but you should verify that the regulator is set to that level before you turn on the water. You can’t take the risk of the water pressure being too high.

However, the water pressure regulator won’t add to the existing water pressure. You may need to turn up the water pressure regulator setting, or you may want to add an aerator to your faucet or shower to get more water pressure at the plumbing fixture.

Water pressure regulators are simply another piece of plumbing. They can get clogged with debris or water scale. This can only be fixed by replacing the water pressure regulator. If the water pressure regulator has its own water filter, that will need to be cleaned or replaced periodically.

Water filters like this have the side benefit of preventing water scale and sediment from entering the RV’s plumbing system. Know that if the water pressure is lower than what the regulator is set for, there is a clog, leak or build-up of some kind in the water system if the water pressure isn’t low at the water faucet.

The water pressure regulator for an RV is generally easy to assemble. Simply screw it onto the spigot on the RV and then connect the incoming water hose to the other side. If you have an adjustable unit, adjust the water pressure to the setting you want before you turn on the water.

Types Of RV Water Pressure Regulators

The biggest difference between the various kinds of water pressure regulators are found in the valves. Let’s learn more about the five main types of water pressure regulators used in RVs.

01. direct acting regulator

This is the simplest type of water pressure regulator. It responds directly to variations in downstream pressure. It limits the water sent on to the RV by controlling the plug position, lowering it to reduce the water flowing through the pipe so that too much isn’t sent into the system.

That results in de facto lower water pressure. It is a simple system. It tends to be cheaper than other types of pressure regulators.

02. pilot operated regulator

Pilot operated regulators are similar in design to direct acting or direct operated water regulators. The major difference is the pilot that separates the pressure outlet and the diaphragm. This means the pressure loading force in the diagram can be controlled in response to pressure changes.

That results in a pressure regulator that can respond faster to condition changes like a water pressure surge. The downside is that it requires an external sensor to track the water pressure level. One benefit of the pilot operated water pressure regulator is the tight control over the water flow.

A simpler system would have 45 PSI plus or minus a few PSI, but it won’t go above 50. With the pilot sensor, it is as if you have two different pieces controlling water pressure. That results in much more accurate water pressure. You’re getting 45 PSI plus or minus a fraction of a PSI.

03. In-Line Barrel Regulators

This is the simplest, cheapest type of water pressure regulator you can find. It typically limits water pressure to 40 to 45 PSI, the safe range for most RVs. They are not adjustable. Whether or not it is easy to use or prone to leakage depends on the model.

04. In-Line Barrel High Flow

These water pressure regulators are designed to work with much higher water pressures. For example, you might be able to fill your water tank with a high pressure water hose at the car wash as well as a standard garden hose.

However, this type of regulator is not adjustable. Yet there are ones that are.

05. Adjustable Water Pressure Regulators

This kind of regulator is the only type where you can control the water pressure. They typically have a pressure gauge as well as a regulator knob or other control. This is the only option if you want to have customized control over the water flowing into your RV.

The more advanced design makes this the most expensive type of water regulator.

Final Verdict

The best rv water pressure regulator allows you to quickly fill your water tank without damaging your plumbing, your water tank or your RV plumbing fixtures. They must always protect your vehicle and your health by being safe to use with drinking water.

Beyond that, the best water pressure regulator will be the one that balances cost with convenience.

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