17 Best RV Batteries in 2021 (Reviews and Ultimate Guide)

Traveling in an RV is a great way to see much of the world at your own pace. Visit when it suits you. Stay the afternoon, and sleep in the RV overnight. Wake up in the morning and see the sights long before the crowds arrive. Pull up stakes and move on to the next destination or simply explore. All of this is possible as long as you have gas in the tank and power in your batteries.

The battery in your RV is the most important part of the electrical system. It is essential to running your appliances off-the-grid, and most of us buy an RV to camp off-grid. The best RV batteries allow you to charge smaller batteries and operate emergency equipment.

However, there is no one perfect RV battery, just as there is no RV that is perfect for everyone. You’ll need a different battery or array of batteries to power an RV holding a family of six than the one that keeps the basics in a camper van going.

Top 5 Best RV Batteries from 17 - Comparison 

Here are Top 17 Best RV Batteries Full Review

We recognized that there is no one perfect RV battery. After all, there are differences in how much power people may need. The trade-off between convenience and price is an individual decision we all have to make. This is why we’ve curated a list of the best RV batteries on the market. All of them are reliable and relatively safe, but they vary in energy storage capacity and features. Read through them to find one that is right for you. Compare each to your functional requirements and desired features such as battery-charge indicators.

#01.  Weize Brand 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Battery

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Editor Rating: 4.7 Out of 5

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This sealed lead acid battery by Weize is low-maintenance. And it is rechargeable. Its deep cycle cells deliver a steady stream of intense power for hours. It can support mobility scooters, electric wheel chairs, trolling motors and RV electrical systems.

This Weize is a 12 volt battery. It can be set up in series for 24 volt through 48 volt applications. This is the best rv battery for those who want a full battery bank.

One downside is that they’re officially rated as 100 amp hour batteries but only deliver 50 amp hours. You need 2 of these batteries in series to get 100 amp hours. They are slow to recharge, too. A trickle charge like one from a solar array that isn’t getting full light may not charge the battery at all.

The discharge rate may prevent it from staying charged. Monitor these batteries closely. And don’t choose a battery monitoring system with a significant parasitic load. This battery does not come with a battery monitor system, though other entries on our list do.

The Weize brand battery can recover from deep discharges, and it is unlikely to experience a chemical memory reset. That’s a common problem with lead acid batteries, and you avoid it with this brand.

What is about the Air vents?

The air vents on the battery may pop as the battery recharges. Lead acid batteries should vent hydrogen gas, but few end up giving you an auditory notice of when this happens. If this release of gas happens repeatedly, you’re not getting a full recharge and the battery’s operational life will be less than you expect.

While this battery is low maintenance, it can release fumes. That’s why it shouldn’t be used entirely indoors or exposed to flames, heat or sparks. However, that’s a problem with all lead acid batteries.

It comes with screws, but there is no mounting bracket or wire harness for it. The sixty pound battery is best used in an existing system that fits it.


  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications
  • Deep discharging without losing energy capacity
  • Can support heavy demand connected in series


  • Amp hours are half the stated rate
  • Doesn’t come with full mounting hardware

#02.  Universal Power Group Brand 12V Deep Cycle VRLA Battery


Editor Rating: 4.6 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This battery is roughly 12 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches. That’s a smaller size than average, though the sixty pound weight is normal. Yet it can be recharged and holds its charge well.

However, some batteries fail to hold their full rated charge, and customer service is weak when that happens. You might be asked to send a sixty pound battery back to the manufacturer to get your money back.

Furthermore, that’s necessary to get any warranty work done, as well. 

We’re recommending this AGM battery because it is generally low maintenance. It won’t spill. It doesn’t need water added. It can be mounted in a variety of ways.

The Univesel battery resists shocks and vibration better than average, even compared to other VRLA batteries. That makes it an ideal choice for those who don’t want to check the electrolyte density every week and just want to plug everything in before going to bed.

What is the recharge cycles?

The batteries do not have as many recharge cycles as expected. You can recharge it a few dozen times and it delivers a deep, steady charge. After several months of regular use, it starts to lose voltage and eventually won’t fully charge. That’s assuming you get a full-life battery from the get-go.

This makes the Universal Power Group battery fine for weekend camping in a trailer but unsuitable for those who rely on solar panels to recharge their battery every night. And it may only last a year or two of infrequent use.

The battery often fails

This battery often fails when you’re doing a deep discharge. That means you can use it to run lights and other light power draws, but it is prone to failure if you use it to run a marine motor. It is not made to serve as a starting motor at all.

Get a battery designed for starting motors, if that is your intended use. You can identify those by the cold cranking amps or CCA listed on the battery. We have several potential starter batteries in our list, but this is not one of them.


  • Maintenance free
  • Compact design
  • Durable


  • Short life if you’re recharging it daily
  • Not good for deep discharges

#03.  Renogy Brand Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt 100 Amp Hour Battery for RV, Solar Marine and Off-grid Applications


Editor Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This 12 volt AGM battery by Renogy is low maintenance. It has advanced plates that deliver high currents over an extended period of time.

The battery is advertised as delivering 100 amp hours. It generally delivers more like 90 amp hours. However, the amp hour ratings are based on a 10 hour cycle, not 20, so don’t expect this battery to last overnight.

It has a compact design. It is roughly seven inches deep, nine inches tall and thirteen inches wide. It weighs around sixty pounds.

This battery can serve as a boat battery and drive trolling motors. It is actually made for group U1 motors, 18 to 35 pounds.

It can deliver enough power to run a refrigerator for several hours, too. Just don’t try to use it to start your car.

What is about many recharge?

This battery is advertised as being rechargeable. It can be recharged, but it doesn’t last through as many charging cycles as expected. It may only last a few months if you’re recharging it daily. If you deeply discharge it, then the life may only be a month or two of daily usage. It may even start losing charge.

If it doesn’t fully charge, it is prone to overheating when charging. This could cause it to swell and, in theory, explode. In this case, stop charging and discard it.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer wants you to ship it back to get your money back. That’s also a requirement if you want to have the item repaired or replaced under the warranty.

What is the Downside here?

This battery doesn’t have carry-handles, though it is advertised as such. There are other batteries on our list that do have carry handles.

This battery has a better than average thermal profile. It won’t die at near freezing temperatures. Its performance at very high temperatures, though, is worse than average.


  • Roughly 100 amp hour power delivery
  • Maintenance free


  • No carry handles
  • A safety risk, if it isn’t fully charging

#04.   VMAXTANKS Brand VMAX Model V35-857 12 Volt Battery


Editor Rating: 4.4 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This battery has many of the same advantages of other sealed AGM batteries like not needing water added and can’t spill acid.

However, it can leak hydrogen gas and poses an explosive risk if over-heated.

This battery holds it charge better than many other batteries when left in storage for a long time.The manufacturer says it only loses three percent of the charge per month.

That makes the VMAXTANKS battery the best choice for emergency applications or powering toys like ATVs and bass boats. It is specifically designed for group U1 12 volt, 35 amp hour motors. 

Note that this battery doesn’t have the same power storage capacity as the first entries on our list, so you’ll only run a mid-sized boat motor for an hour or two if the motor is continuously running. That may be enough for spending a day on the lake, as long as you aren’t constantly engaging the engine. It will start to lose power once you start pulling power for the motor from it, so don’t plan on more than five or six hours once you start running things off it.

It has some good built-in features 

This battery actually has carry handles built into it. And it is easier to transport and store, too. The unit is just five inches by eight inches by six inches.

At 35 amp hours, it may run your LED lights or small appliances, but it isn’t going to power your refrigerator or heavy duty appliances. That limits its use as a power source for RVs beyond basic campers. For example, it can run your lights, sump pump and water pump but not much more, especially

What is the Downside here?

One downside of the model is the higher charging voltage than car batteries, making it harder to charge. It does not have an equalization charge cycle, though this type of battery will experience sulfation. There is little documentation on this battery, so you don’t have good information on how to safely use a de-sulfation cycle if your battery charger has that option.


  •  Better performance when left in storage for months
  •  Capable of working as a starter battery for small motors


  • Lower energy storage capacity
  •  Little to no documentation

#05. Optima Batteries Model 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting /Deep Cycle Marine Battery


Editor Rating: 4.3 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

The BlueTop battery by Optima is identifiable by the blue top on all of their batteries. In this case, we’re recommending the model 8013-103 battery by Optima.

This is a battery equally capable of running your small boat motor as providing basic power for an RV. It has 750 CCA or cold cranking amps.

This unit is roughly ten inches by seven inches by eight inches. It is small and relatively lightweight, coming in at 43 pounds. It delivers roughly 55 amp hours of power for twenty hours. 

This is the best rv deep cycle battery for those who want a light, steady load on the battery for almost an entire day. And it is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a light battery you can carry with you to power a variety of gear, assuming it provides enough power for you.

Here are some features of  Optima Batteries

This battery is 10 inches by 7 inches by 8 inches. Make sure it fits in your vehicle or the battery niche in your equipment before you buy it. However, that’s a common issue with all non-standard batteries. Don’t assume this Optima battery fits in the same place as a similar Blue Top battery. The dimensions between model numbers are often different.

This battery can be purchased with a charger and battery maintainer, but we’re recommending just the battery itself.This battery can be mounted in almost any positon. More importantly, it has both 5/16 inch and SAE posts, making it easy to connect to almost anything.

This battery by Optima resists vibration and extreme weather conditions. However, it isn’t designed to survive being submerged.

What's the concern about the limited operating life?

One concern with this battery is the limited operating life. It will only last six months with regular use. If you don’t use it very much, it will eventually lose its charge and become nearly impossible to recharge.

You’ll see the energy storage capacity decline over time before you can’t use it at all. For example, it may only charge to seven or eight volts before it can’t charge at all.


  • Can connect to almost anything
  • Can work as a starting battery


  • Short operational life
  • Unusual dimensions

#06. Odyssey Model PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery


Editor Rating: 4.2 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

The model PC925 battery by Odyssey is part of their Extreme series. That is because these batteries have an extremely long service life. They can in theory last ten years.

More importantly, they last through many more discharge, recharge cycles. It can go through up to four hundred discharge cycles before it starts to lose charge.

That’s equal to a daily discharge-recharge cycle for an RVer. A point in favor of this battery is its faster recharging.

However, you need to avoid total discharging, or its chemical memory may reset and it cannot fully recharge ever again. Avoid having parasitic charges drawing on it, especially if in storage.This unit has 330 cold crank amps or CCA. It theoretically has a reserve capacity of fifty minutes. 

Note that the battery terminals on this model are the opposite of the earlier versions of this battery. This has caused problems for some long-time Odyssey battery customers.

More features are here 

Like other AGM batteries, it can’t spill acid on you, and it requires no maintenance beyond recharging. On the other hand, it has an average to above average discharge rate while in storage. That’s why it often lasts just a year with heavy use.

On the other hand, this battery delivers more stable voltage until the stored power is almost completely gone.The unit can in theory be recharged in four to six hours. Verify that it is properly charging, and don’t try to rapid-charge it.

The battery is roughly 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Be careful with the dimensions, because you may find incorrect information about what it will fit in. Actually check the battery slot dimensions in your Polaris and other toys before you buy this battery.

Carriable handles are Built-in 

This battery has de facto carry handles built into the top. This is designed to let you hold it two-handed, not one-handed. This makes installation and removal easier but not carrying it from point A to point B.

This battery is notable for its wide operating temperature range. It can run at -40 degrees C (and F) to 45 degrees C or 113 degrees F. This is one of the few batteries certain to work when it is freezing outside. However, you should not charge it when it is below freezing.


  • Long battery life if properly monitored
  • Can serve as a starting battery
  • Low maintenance
  • Can function at very high and very low temperatures


  •  Chemical memory may reset
  • Middling power capacity

#07. WindyNation Brand 100 Amp Hour 12 Volt AGM / Sealed Lead Acid Battery


Editor Rating: 4.1Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

WindyNation is known for making equipment for wind and solar powered equipment aimed at do-it-yourselfers. This is why their batteries are made for regular recharging by portable renewable energy sources.

We’re recommending their single 100 amp hour battery, though they offer sets of 2 to 5 of this battery at a discount. 

That makes this the ideal battery for RVers running off a battery bank. It is possible to buy entire sets of these batteries with connecting cables, but we’re recommending individual batteries because that’s what most RVers want and need.

The battery we’re recommending does not come with connecting cables or mounting hardware. If you were to connect these together, we’d recommend 2/0 gauge 9 inch battery interconnect cables.

Batteries are designed by Windy Nation

These batteries by Windy Nation are designed for deep, repetitive discharges. They deliver 100 amp hours over ten hours. We’d recommend fully charging it before you initially discharge it, especially if you’ll fully discharge it in a deep cycle.

The manufacturer uses nearly pure virgin lead to get this level of performance. Windy Nation batteries are rugged, too. They can be used to power a boat, power tools, ham radio equipment, RVs and serve as a backup UPS power source.

Note that it hovers around 12 to 12.5 volts, and it doesn’t deliver high quality power. A lithium ion battery is better in some cases.

Have any  warranty for batteries?

This battery sometimes won’t work from the get-go. Return it immediately if this happens. The company’s one year warranty is very limited, so test the battery once you get it. If the battery works, it will manage six to twelve months of constant cycling before it fails.

This battery is prone to dying if you just leave it on the shelf for six months. That makes it a poor choice for RVs that are only used seasonally.Their sealed lead acid batteries are low maintenance. That makes them great for both campers and those living permanently off the grid. 

They’re designed to work at 25 degrees C, but they may not work if temperatures go below freezing. This might be the best rv house battery on our list if kept inside a temperature stable cabin or RV that's continually lived in.


  • Volume discounts available
  • Designed for constant recharging cycles


  • Sometimes won’t work at all
  • Only lasts a few months

#08. Battle Born Brand LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery - 100Ah 12v with Built-in BMS


Editor Rating: 4 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This is a lithium ion battery. There’s on risk of acid leaking out if the shell is damaged. However, this battery does not deliver high quality power on its own.

Do not use it to power your sensitive electronics without an inverter or other protective device between the battery and your smart device.

This unit has an incredibly shelf-life relative to lead-acid batteries. It could in theory be recharged five thousand times.One point in its favor is that it has a built-in battery maintainer.

This helps protect downstream equipment from power surges. It also protects you from unsafe operating conditions.

This battery won’t explode on you. And it will never leak the hydrogen gas that makes lead acid batteries dangerous in enclosed conditions and can create an explosion risk.

It can only deliver 10 volts

This battery is not the best choice for powering an RV. It may shut down at around 10 volts. That means it can’t deliver the 12 volts you need for most RV infrastructure. Instead, let it run separately connected lights and more forgiving equipment. Use it as a battery for amateur radio equipment and recharging cell phones when paired with an inverter.

It can deliver moderately high power in a constant load until it drops off. However, you cannot use it as a starter battery, though there are other models on our list that can be used that way.

How to carry without carrying handle 

There is no carrying handle built into the battery, nor does it have connection points for attaching a handle. On the other hand, the long operating life means you only have to deal with its installation once every two to three years. It only weighs 31 pounds, so it is fairly portable and easy to carry when necessary. 

You can mount it in any direction, though there is no mounting hardware. One issue with lithium ion batteries this size is cost. They may be smaller and last longer than lead-acid batteries, but you pay for it up front. This is why you need to find quality lithium ion batteries. Otherwise, they aren’t the better overall value.


  • Built-in battery maintainer
  • Handles thousands of recharge cycles


  • Not a starter battery
  • Sometimes fails to maintain 12 volts over time

#09.  Renogy 12V 200 Amp Hour Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery


Editor Rating: 3.9 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This Renogy model made our list in part because of its high energy storage capacity. It is listed as a 200 amp hour battery, whereas most others on our list are rated for 100 amp hours.

That is one reason why these batteries are recommended for off-the-grid energy systems.

However, it is going to give you 15 amps at 12V DC. This is closer to 180 watts, not 200 watts. Balance the power capacity with your energy needs.

This rugged deep cycle battery by Renogy will not leak acidic electrolyte. It almost never releases hydrogen gas. 

The evenly distributed gel delivers a steady stream of power.That makes this one of the safest batteries on our list. This design feature also means it hardly discharges stored power as it sits on the shelf. However, there are occasionally issues with batteries not holding their charge. Test it once you receive it and send it back before you learn it won’t hold its charge. 

In general, these batteries will drop to 80 percent charge once you disconnect it from a power source like solar panels. You’ll also see the voltage drop to 9 volts or so before the batteries fail.

What's the think of Batteries Weight?

These batteries aren’t just large. They are heavy, too. They weigh roughly 150 pounds apiece. You aren’t going to use these to power an ATV or golf cart. They’re too big and heavy to be practical in an RV, too. They are only truly suited for off the grid applications.It is the 100 amp hour battery that weighs around 60 pounds.

We do recommend this battery over 2 of the 6 volt 260 amp hour batteries by Renogy.These batteries have an average shelf-life. They’ll last through 200 to 300 recharge cycles. That gives them a six to twelve month operational life. This battery cannot be used as a starting battery for motors.

Note that there are other batteries designed for use as starting batteries on our list.

These batteries are designed to operate at around room temperature. They should not be used in freezing temperatures.


  •  Amazing energy storage, though not as high as advertised
  • Safer than average


  • Large footprint
  • Heavy
  • Average performance

#10.  AIMS Power Model LFP12V200A 12V Lithium Battery, 200 Amp Hours


Editor Rating: 3.8 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This 12 volt lithium ion battery is in theory capable of undergoing four thousand recharging cycles.This may be the best RV house battery on our list if you’re constantly recharging your batteries from solar and wind power at every stop.

This is a deep cycle battery that uses LiFePO4. It can deliver a steady stream of power to demanding applications like power tools.And it has a built-in battery management system. 

That is a premium feature, but that is in part because you’re paying so much for the battery itself.This provides short-circuit protection.This 12 volt lithium ion battery is in theory capable of undergoing four thousand recharging cycles.

This may be the best RV house battery on our list if you’re constantly recharging your batteries from solar and wind power at every stop.This is a deep cycle battery that uses LiFePO4. It can deliver a steady stream of power to demanding applications like power tools.

What's the premium feature?

And it has a built-in battery management system. That is a premium feature, but that is in part because you’re paying so much for the battery itself. This provides short-circuit protection.The lithium ion battery is far safer than equivalent lead-acid batteries. There’s no acid to leak out of it. It can’t release flammable hydrogen gas. 

It can in theory overheat if charged too quickly, but that’s hard to do given its massive power capacity.This battery also has a peak discharge of 350 amps that can last up to ten seconds. You can’t use it as a starting battery, but it can meet the needs of several devices turned on at once.

There are more advantages of lithium-ion battery

This lithium ion battery is temperature tolerant. It won’t stop working because it got hot outside. If exposed to very high temperatures, it won’t explode. It can’t freeze and thus die on you. However, its performance does decline when the temperatures hit the freezing point. 

You can discharge it at temperatures below 0 degrees F, but it shouldn’t be recharged until temperatures are back above freezing. (It can be charged when temperatures are between 0 and 113 degrees F, so it is safe to charge on a hot summer day.)This unit does have better dimensional stability than lead-acid batteries, so it is unlikely to crack or otherwise be rendered unusable if it actually freezes. 

That means this battery is suitable for leaving inside a vehicle in storage over the winter.This battery is 21 inches long, 10.6 inches wide and almost 9 inches tall. It may be too big to fit in the space your lead acid batteries currently occupy.


  •  Greater overall safety
  •  Massive power capacity and surge capability
  • Works well at high temperatures


  • Cost
  • Functional limits when you’re well below freezing

#11.  Renogy Brand Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery 12 Volt 100 Amp Hour Battery


Editor Rating: 3.7 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are safer and more stable than lithium ion cell-phone batteries. It will hold its charge longer, and it isn’t as prone to overheating while you’re charging it.

This technology also means it can be recharged literally thousands of times before it fails. (The manufacturer says 2000.) Nor are there lead-acid battery cells to maintain.

That makes these batteries among the safest models on the market.The built-in battery maintenance system helps extend its operating life and maximize performance. 

In this case, the battery maintenance system provides over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature and over-discharging protection.

You have to pay more to get this battery shipped with a “smart” battery management system. Note that this battery runs at a higher voltage than lead acid batteries, so you shouldn’t use the same stock charger you use with cheaper lead acid batteries. We recommend using a charge controller with this battery, at a minimum. Use smart chargers with 12.2 to 12.4 volt operating ranges with this battery.

Which batteries are needed for dry camping?

This lithium ion battery is capable of delivering 350 amps for up to ten seconds. And that’s aside from the regular power capacity that can run mid-sized appliances. This might be the best rv battery for dry camping, since it lets you run your microwave for sixty seconds if necessary.

More importantly, it only loses around three percent of the stored energy per month. However, this battery cannot safely be used when connected in series with others. It can be used in parallel, if you’re connecting it with perfectly matched batteries.

We consider this best used as a stand-alone battery. That advice is only compounded by the difficult connections on top of the battery. Their bolts and thread pitch are not industry standard, and that forces you to go back to the manufacturer for anything you need related to the battery.

Because there is no liquid inside, this battery can be installed at any angle. There is no mounting hardware supplied with the battery.


  • Built-in, basic battery management system
  • Built-in safety features


  • Cannot safely be used in series with other batteries
  •  Hard to connect in general

#12. Interstate Batteries Model DCM0035 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery with Insert Terminals


Editor Rating: 3.6 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

Interstate Batteries has standard terminals. That is in sharp contrast to the Renogy battery we just reviewed. However, the battery isn’t a standard size. It is 7.7 by 5.2 by 6.5 inches. It weighs less than 25 pounds.

One issue with this battery is the relatively low energy capacity. It can only provide 35 amp hours. It could run a small set of direct current appliances for a little while. Or it could run a motorized wheelchair for a while. (It is actually designed with that use in mind.) 

The manufacturer says this battery is plug and play with Jazzy Chairs, Invacare wheeled scooters, Kubota lawn mowers, Pride brand mobility scooters and the Leisure lift mobility devices. 

It works with Hoveround products, models MPV1 through MPV5. It can be used with Bruno wheelchairs.While Interstate Batteries does make starter batteries, this is not one of them. It can power a battery-operated pump for an afternoon. Do not use it to run boat motors or golf carts. (It won’t give you enough power to drive a golf cart all the way around the range.)

Don't decrease your battery performance.

It has an average life expectancy, lasting roughly a year of regular use. It does a little better than others on our list by having a carrying strap built into it. This handle can be removed.

As a deep cycle AGM battery, it eliminates many of the concerns that come with traditional lead-acid batteries. You can mount it upright or laying on its side. However, you don’t want it to literally freeze, and its performance declines at high temperatures.

One benefit of buying Interstate Batteries is that you can tap into their broad retail network of stores. If your new battery goes bad, you aren’t asked to mail a sixty pound battery half way across the country to get it repaired or replaced. This improves the odds that you can afford to get it serviced under the warranty or a bad one replaced.


  • Can power everything from DC appliances to motorized wheelchairs
  • Designed to plug and play with a variety of brands
  • A compact design


  • Non-standard size
  • Limited power capacity
  • Not a starter battery

#13. Mighty Max Brand Battery 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Battery


Editor Rating: 3.5 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

Mighty Max makes batteries for everything from motorcycles to motorized wheelchairs. RVers are more interested in their backup batteries and solar panel battery sets.

This 12 volt 100 amp hour deep cycle battery is made for use with wind and solar powered systems, recharging during the day and delivering power at night.

This battery is 12.2 inches by 6.6 inches by 8.3 inches. It does not come with any mounting hardware or wiring. The tapped holes on this battery are metric M6x 1 holes.

This can make it hard to find bolts to fit. You do get a basic carry handle/rope. It weighs around sixty pounds.

This battery is best used in an application where it stays in one place, whether this is an RV battery bank or solar panel array. These batteries don’t hold their charge as well as some of the batteries on our list, including the lithium ion batteries. It may drop to half power within 24 hours of being disconnected from charging stations.

What's the mean of SLA battery?

The sealed lead acid (SLA) battery is low maintenance. It will eventually lose water/hydrogen over time. However, it doesn’t require you to check electrolyte levels or add water. It is spill proof. However, it should not be located where it can literally freeze. This unit does have better performance at high and lower temperatures. 

However, it should not be recharged if you suspect the water inside has frozen. That’s a standard safety concern with lead acid batteries.It can theoretically be located at any angle.

This battery resists shocks and vibration.

We recommend either having it upright or on its side, not upside down. This battery resists shocks and vibration better than average. That’s understandable given the company makes batteries for a variety of vehicles.

This is the best rv battery for boondocking if you may want to use it in a variety of equipment.This battery is prone to dying after repeated deep discharges. It may die after just a few weeks of repeated deep discharges. We wouldn’t call it a real deep cycle battery.

Furthermore, it may die after a few months despite being properly maintained. This battery does not come with a battery maintenance system. We do not recommend using this battery as a backup battery, since it may drain to nothing while sitting on the shelf.


  •  Rugged
  • Safer than average


  • Not really a deep cycle battery
  •  Higher than average power loss

#14.  Renogy Brand Deep Cycle AGM 12 Volt 100Ah Battery


Editor Rating: 3.4 Out of 5

Item Price: Check on Amazon

This battery is a 12 volt, 100 amp hours This AGM battery is more stable than traditional lead-acid batteries. It won’t leak acid unless you severely damage the case.

It is a sealed battery with an advanced valve system for letting hydrogen leak out, so it requires no maintenance. However, it can freeze and be damaged by below-freezing temperatures.

It will also lose energy storage capacity if too much hydrogen gas is released. Don’t store it in an enclosed space, and don’t use it near spark and fire hazards.

This battery has two carry handles, one on each side of the battery. It has M8 terminals on it.

This battery is incredibly electrically stable. It has a discharge rate of less than three percent per month, assuming it is stored at room temperature. It can safely release energy at near freezing temperatures, though it cannot be safely recharged until it is warmed out.

What is the Charge voltage?

The battery will deliver roughly 100 am hours for ten hours. It can provide a peak current of 1100 amps for 5 seconds. Just don’t use it as a starter battery. It can safety discharge stored energy when temperatures are between 5 and 120 degrees F. Its floating charge voltage is 13.5 to 13.8 volts.The battery is roughly 13 inches by 7 inches by 9 inches. It weighs 64 pounds.

Quality control for these batteries varies widely. It has a 600 cycle life, assuming a 50 percent discharge each time. Ideally, it will last more than a year despite being discharged every night. Or they may be bad out of the box. It may not charge or it may not hold a charge.

What is the situation of aftersale service?

If the battery is bad, they expect you to mail it back, but that may not be allowed. Interstate Batteries brand batteries are better in this case.If the battery won’t hold the charge and starts to swell, stop using it immediately. If it suddenly starts to lose charge, it is going to die. Using a battery maintainer delays the date this starts to happen.


  • Excellent long-term energy storage
  •  Safer than average


  • Not a starter battery
  •  Make sure the posts and battery dimensions fit your application

#15.  NPP Brand Model NPD12 200 Amp Hour Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery with Button Style Terminals


Editor Rating: 3.3 Out of 5

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At 200 amp-hours, this battery is a higher capacity unit than most others in this product class. That’s one reason why we put it on our list. Furthermore, it actually delivers 200 amp hours of power, not 150 or 180 amp hours.

That’s pretty good for a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. This battery has button style terminals. Make sure this works for you before you buy the battery. There are no vertical posts that are easy to connect to with standard clips and wires.

You don’t get any wires or clips with this battery.The NPP battery is higher quality than most of the others on our list. It is ISO 9001 certified.

ISO 9000 standards are the hallmark of quality, and it is a third party certification that matters more than an “inspected by” sticker. Furthermore, this NPP battery is UL certified, and that’s one of the highest safety standards a battery can receive. It even has the ISO 14001 certification; that’s an environmental and social responsibility standard, not something related to product quality.

 It is the heaviest battery on our list.

These batteries have basic rope carrying handles on each side. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it possible for one person to carry this battery by themselves. The battery is 20.6 inches long, 9.45 inches tall and 8.5 wide.

And it weights a whopping 140 pounds. It is the heaviest battery on our list. That means this battery is best used in stationary applications like providing power for communication equipment or part of a battery array in a cabin. It is too big and heavy for use by RVers and campers.

Why have not to check electrolyte levels.

It has very low energy discharge. It could in theory hold at least half its charge for three weeks. That’s why these batteries are so often used as a backup power source.These batteries are maintenance free. They’re designed to release pressure through the valves, and you don’t have to check electrolyte levels.

That makes them a great choice for beginning RVers and off-the-grid cabins where you don’t want to have to work hard to maintain a large battery bank. However, there is no battery management system like you find with some of the high end batteries on our list.


  • High quality
  •  Massive energy storage capacity


  • Heavy

#16.  4 X TROJAN Brand BATTERY Model T-105 PLUS 6V DEEP CYCLE FLOODED 225 Amp Hours


Editor Rating: 3.2 Out of 5

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The Trojan brand T-105 battery is a 6 volt battery capable of delivering 225 amp hours. This battery is designed to be connected with others in battery banks. That’s why they’re sold in batches.

In this case, we’re recommending this set of 4 model T-105 batteries. You need at least two of them to support a 12 volt system. A set of 4 batteries could be used to run a 24 volt marine system. 

They can be used out on the water, as long as they are not submerged.Each battery is 10.375 inches long, 7.125 inches wide and 10.875 inches tall. Each battery weighs 62 pounds.

The sheer weight of a set of these batteries does make them expensive to both purchase and ship.

That also limits their usability in an RV, since a set of 4 weighs roughly 250 pounds.The “plus” in the title refers to their deep cycle capacity. These deep cycle batteries are flooded lead acid batteries designed to be more deeply discharged than conventional lead-acid batteries.

They can be used in golf carts or networked to provide power as part of a renewable energy system. Wire them in series for solar systems.It can be used in parallel, as well.

Note that 48 volt golf carts require eight of these batteries wired together. That would require buying two sets of 4.The discharge rate of the batteries is dependent on temperature.They may discharge up to fifteen percent per month at room temperature.

Follow some advice for using a battery

This makes them a poor choice for UPS or backup power systems.They’re a better choice if you are constantly recharging them. Do not run them all the way down. Once they hit 50 percent discharge repeatedly, their operating life shortens.

On the other hand, recharging them every day can cause their chemical memory to reset. These batteries are best used with a partial draw-down before recharging, such as when you use them to power an RV over the weekend and recharge it once you get back to civilization. We’d recommend monitoring them so they don’t get used up.

These batteries have the same risks as other lead acid batteries. They should not be allowed to freeze. They can explode if they are exposed to very high temperatures or charged when the liquid inside has frozen. Only store them where they have proper ventilation.The connectors are standard, but you don’t get the mounting hardware or wires required to set everything up.

 12 months warranty is given.

These batteries are unlikely to fail after a few weeks of use. However, they tend to last for 12 to 18 months before they die. The life expectancy depends on how often you recharge it. The warranty is only good for 12 months

Expect to replace them every year if you’re using them for mission critical applications. Refer back to the best lithium battery for rv use on our list if you want to constantly recharge and top off the batteries.


  • Versatile
  • Can be used in boats


  •  Heavy
  • Require careful energy management

#17.  NPP Brand NP6-225Ah 6V Deep Cycle Battery, Set of 2

Editor Rating: 3.1 Out of 5

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NPP batteries in general are high quality. Their batteries are ISO 9001 certified, ISO 14001 certified and UL certified. ISO 9001 is a generally recognized quality standard. ISO 14000 standards are environmental and labor standards.

For example, the manufacturing process that creates these batteries has a lower carbon footprint than other batteries. Underwriters Laboratory or UL standards are specifically related to safety standards.

These batteries are unlikely to overheat, explode, leak acid or cause other safety hazards if properly maintained. The thick ABS plastic shell resists weathering, chemicals, vibration and shock. 

However, they are not water-proof. Don’t use them in marine applications. These batteries are rugged. The cases are hard to break. The batteries themselves resist vibration, chemicals and the weather. This is why they can be used to power farm equipment and electric fences.

However, these batteries are not designed to provide the massive power surge required to start a motor. Don’t use it to start a car or other large motor. There are other batteries on this list intended for starting motors. In those cases, compare the cold cranking amps or CCA relative to the needs of the motor.

Why have you not to worry about AGM batteries?

These are AGM batteries. They are completely sealed. You don’t have to worry about checking the electrolyte density. You will never need to add water. They can’t spill acid on you. It hardly vents, though it should be put in a ventilated room. Don’t store it in an enclosed space.

NPP sells a number of 6 volt batteries in pairs and groups of 4. We’re recommending this set of 2 that can be used to provide power for a 12 volt system like those used in RVs. Yet you could use these batteries in electric wheelchairs, scooters, golf carts and pallet jacks.

NPP batteries can be used in UPS systems.

When you use the batteries in this way, the battery warranty will drop from 12 months to 6 months. These NPP batteries can also be used in UPS systems and as backup batteries for communication systems.

One issue with these batteries is the button-type connectors. There just isn’t much of a post to use to connect them. Whether this is better than unusual post and screw sizes is a matter of opinion. For others, the fact you have to wire them together to use them instead of just connecting wires to two terminals is a strike against them.

It is difficult to get service for these batteries given their size and weight. Interstate Batteries are better if you’re concerned about needing to return them for service or getting the warranty honored.


  • High quality standards
  • Versatile


  • Heavy weight
  •  Non-standard setup process

What are the Best RV Batteries?

Don’t plan on using your starting battery in place of house batteries. You don’t want to drain the starter battery running your water pump, and RV house batteries will last far longer than a starter battery. They’re just designed differently. This is why you want to find the best RV house batteries possible.

But what are the characteristics of the best RV batteries? High energy density is one, since no one wants to haul around more batteries than necessary. RVers can’t afford the additional weight. Safety requirements are greater, too, since you’re sleeping next to the battery storage compartment.

How Does an RV Battery Work?

Most RV batteries are lead-acid batteries. You may have one or several in the battery bank. Each cell produces power, but they should result in a roughly 12 volt power output because this is what most RV power systems run off of.

The classic example is using 2 6-volt batteries in place of a single large 12 volt house battery. This is in contrast to the alternating current that comes from the power grid. It is also why you need a converter to connect to shore power to run your RV or safely charge your house batteries.

The DC power from the RV battery runs mission-critical equipment like RV water pumps, sump pumps, lights and smoke detectors. Depending on its energy capacity, you might be able to use it to recharge smart phones and smaller rechargeable batteries.

Note that batteries don’t make electricity, they store it. It is your responsibility to keep the batteries charged, whether you recharge them when plugged into a power pedestal at the campsite or use solar panels on the roof to recharge them. Once the batteries go dead, your equipment dies, too.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best RV batteries over the second best makes the difference between being able to take a shower in the morning or having working lights at 3 AM without breaking out a flashlight. This is why you can’t afford not to get the best RV batteries for your RV. Choose wisely, and enjoy your trip.

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