The Best Moses Basket Reviews in 2021

 (An Ultimate Buying Guide)

The best Moses baskets get their name from the basket newborn baby Moses was put in and sent floating down the River Nile in to protect him from the Pharaoh’s edict to kill all Jewish baby boys.

According to the Bible story, he floated in the basket until he was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter and raised in the royal court. While few people believe the story, the name came to be applied to an entire product class.

But what is a modern Moses basket?

Top 3 Best Moses Basket for Baby from 17 - Comparisons

Here are The Top 13 Best Moses Baskets Full Review

After doing a long time of research, we made a list of the Moses baskets to review for your loved baby that looks like Moses. If you're looking for the perfect one from the current market we request you to see the below reviews before purchase. As our hope, you'll find the best choice. So please, lets start_

01. Tadpoles Brand Stitched Moses Basket with Bedding Set


Editor Rating: 4.7/5

This Moses basket by Tadpoles comes with a full bedding set. For example, it has a liner and blankets as well as a padded bumper and foam pad underneath.

We’re recommending the grey version because it hides most stains but looks stylish none the less.

The Moses basket is roughly 33 inches long, 10 inches wide and 14 inches deep. It is rated for children up to three months old or 15 pounds in weight.

The bedding is entirely machine washable. You don’t even have to wash it on the gentle cycle. However, the manufacturer allows you to buy replacement bedding by itself, as well.

This Moses basket costs a little more than average because it is hand-made. The manufacturer uses natural palm leaves. This is a great product for those who want to foster sustainable forestry and traditional handicrafts. It is also among the best Moses basket for newborn babies.

have any questions about durability?

The basket is durable and versatile. If you can’t use it as a Moses basket, you can use it for storage or laundry. However, the basket is not made for carrying the child by the handles. The manufacturer explicitly warns against this.

What is about the downside?

The mattress is firm enough for newborns, but it is very thin. It isn’t going to last very long. And it is prone to tearing.

The mattress sheets are thin cotton. They will shrink if you wash them in hot water. If it shrinks, you can’t cover the mattress. The alternatives are buying more sheets or covering it with a blanket instead.

  • Machine washable
  • Can buy replacement bedding
  • A sustainable product
  • Versatile
  • Short functional life
  • Will shrink after repeated washings
  • Shouldn’t carry by the handles with child inside

02. Badger Basket Brand Hooded Baby Moses Basket with Liner, Sheet, and Pad


Editor Rating: 4.6/5

This Badger Basket brand Moses basket has a built-in wicker hood. This can provide the necessary shade for your child to continue sleeping while being carried around.

More importantly, you can remove the hood if desired. This makes it easier to reuse the basket once your child is too big for it.

One point in favor of this Moses basket is that it is easy to carry around. Note that it can’t handle much more than the weight of a newborn, so don’t use it to carry heavy loads.

The Moses basket comes with a basic edge cover and pad. Both of these are machine washable. One issue with this basket is the variable product quality.

They often end up leaning because the material isn’t balanced or the bottom isn’t flat. In other cases, it simply starts to unravel after a few weeks of use. Then you’re at risk of being poked by wicker when you’re reaching for the baby. After all, We listed it as the best quality Moses basket for it's some good features. 

What is the different problem?

A different issue is the basket’s size. It is listed as 18 by 18 by 31 inches. However, that’s the width at the top of the basket. The bottom of the basket may be as narrow as 9 inches. In these cases, it can’t hold a two month old baby.

Again, this varies and that’s a problem in its own right. You could still use it as a carrying basket, but the product is sold as a baby basket.

  • Comes with a removable hood
  • Machine washable bedding
  • Poor quality
  • May be too narrow for your child.

03. Badger Basket Brand Moses Basket with Liner, Sheet, and Pad

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Editor Rating: 4.5/5

This is another Moses basket by Badger Basket. This is another pre-assembled, fully-outfitted Moses basket. It is roughly 31 inches long, 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

This basket is designed for infants that cannot roll over. The company explicitly states that you shouldn’t use it with children that weigh more than 15 pounds.

These are standard product specifications for Moses baskets. We’re recommending the neutral beige colored version.

The basket padding and pad are very close in color to that of the natural wicker. The material itself may begin to unwind with heavy use and will fail if exposed to a heavy load.

The foam pad cover can be machine washed as can the general padding. However, the pad itself shouldn’t be machine washed. The mattress pad is made from polyurethane. This isn’t a health hazard, but some people consider it a concern.

This is a relatively affordable Moses basket, but it isn’t a high quality basket, either. The mattress pad may not completely cover the bottom of the basket. The wicker sides are not strong. The sides of the basket may collapse when you pick it up, or it may be lopsided.

  • Machine washable material
  • Affordable
  • Universally acceptable appearance
  • Not dimensionally stable

04. Delta Children Brand Deluxe 2-in-1 Moses Bedside Bassinet / Portable Crib


Editor Rating: 4.4/5

This may be the best Moses basket bassinet on our list. You get a high quality Moses basket complete with hood.

However, unlike other Moses baskets on this list, you also get a bassinet stand. The bassinet stand will securely attach to the Moses basket, turning it into a crib.

This Moses basket has a variety of features. There are two secure handles, one on each side. It has two little elephant toys that dangle from the hood.

The general design features elephants, as well.Better yet, the bassinette has a built-in electronic pod. It can be used as a nightlight, music box or vibrator.

This can help your newborn go back to sleep. Note that this means you need to buy batteries to take advantage of these features. The batteries are not included with the bassinette.

What is the benifit of a portable crib?

This is a portable crib. You can move the bassinette wherever you’d like. It can even replace a crib for quite some time, because there is storage underneath the bassinette table.One point in favor of this model is that it meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

What is about the downside?

One issue with this Moses basket is that it is bulky, and the item may be damaged during shipment. Then your child doesn’t sleep on a level surface, and that can be dangerous.

In other cases, you can’t connect the bassinette securely to the crib. If the item isn’t delivered assembled, assembly can be a hassle.

  • Combination bassinette and crib
  • Build-in pod for playing music or vibrating baby to sleep
  •  Meets and exceeds safety standards
  • Sometimes damaged or bent during shipment

05. Badger Brand Baby Moses Basket with Liner, Sheet, and Pad

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Editor Rating: 4.3/5

This Moses basket has a much thicker padding around the edges than usual.  This Moses basket is roughly 34 inches long, 17 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It is shallower than average.

We would not recommend having a larger than average baby in this basket. Nor is it safe for a child that is pushing up much less rolling over.

We’ll say this is one of the best baby Moses basket for newborn infants. The mattress is somewhat thin, but that’s common for this product category.

You can add an extra blanket, but know that this makes the Moses bed even shallower.The Moses basket is as durable as the average baby bassinette. Unlike others on this list, there is no hood, removable or permanently attached.

Do not use the handles to pick up the Moses basket while the child is in it. There is no information about it being strong enough to handle the load.

  • Affordable
  • Thick padding on sides of basket
  • Not strong
  • Shallow

06. Tadpoles Brand Polka Dot Fleece Moses Basket and Bedding Set


Editor Rating: 4.2/5

This may be the perfect Moses basket for baby if you want everything in one package. You get a Moses basket, mattress and cover.

You also get several matching blankets with it. This Moses basket is larger than average. While it is 33 inches long, it is 14 inches wide and 10 inches deep.

There are Moses baskets on this list that are an inch or two shallower or narrower. This Moses basket is handmade.

That means it may vary by up to two inches in any dimension. For some, that’s a point in its favor. The wicker itself is derived from palm leaves.

The mattress is made from organic cotton. These are not as strong as some other materials, but it is suitable for children up to 14 pounds. The problem is that the handles are not sturdy. Don’t pick up the basket with the baby in it.

The covers are basic. It doesn’t tie to the side, so it can slip off. It doesn’t have much padding, either.

  • Everything you need in one package
  • Organic and sustainable materials
  • Dimensional variability
  • Mediocre quality

07. Cotton Tale Designs Brand Moses Basket, Tea Party


Editor Rating: 4.1/5

The rich floral design on this best Moses basket is perfect for baby girls. The pattern is color coordinated with other Cotton Tale brand crib bedding. The liner can be removed and machine washed.

The baby Moses basket does not have a hood. It does have a fleece blanket, sheet and basic foam mattress. This Moses basket is shallower but wider than average. 

It is 33 inches long. However, it is 16 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Note that it is even shallower than this due to the mattress pad and blankets. Do not use this Moses basket once the child can push up or roll over. It may not even fit larger than average child.

What is the question about lasting?

This basket is relatively rugged, but it weighs more than average. Many Moses baskets weigh 3 to 5 pounds. This one is eight pounds. On the flipside, it is going to start to unravel after a few weeks of use.

It could last for years, whether you use it with a second baby or as a storage basket.

  • Blends in with other Cottontale Designs products
  •  Relatively high quality
  • Shallower than average
  • Heavier than average

08. BabyDoll Gingham Moses Basket, Pink

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Editor Rating: 4/5

This Babydoll brand Moses basket comes with a padded bumper, mattress and fitted sheet. The polyester cotton blend material is machine washable.

Because it is pink, we recommend only washing it in cold water with similarly colored materials. This Moses basket is somewhat smaller than average.

It is 29 inches long versus the standard 33 inches long. It is 11 inches wide. Wider and narrower versions exist. This Moses basket is 8 inches high.

That’s shallower than average. The basket weighs around four pounds with the padding. That’s par the course.

This Moses basket costs more than average, though it is much cheaper than Moses basket / bassinette combinations. It is more durable than average, since pieces of wicker won’t come loose and poke you.

This Moses basket has handles, but we do not recommend lifting it with the child inside.

  •  Machine washable
  • Somewhat rugged design
  • Smaller than average
  • Somewhat expensive

09. Burton and Burton Brand Natural Baby Moses Basket with White Lace Bedding


Editor Rating: 3.9/5

Burton and Burton is one of the smaller Moses basket manufacturers, but it is one of the higher quality brands and It provides the best Moses basket bassinets.

They don’t just make a Moses basket with lovely touches like two pieces of ribbon wrapped around it. It has detailed pillows for padding the basket your baby sleeps in.

The basket is 31 inches long, 16 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. This is shorter and wider than average.

More importantly, it is shallower than average. Do not use this Moses basket if your child can roll over or push up. 

It is suitable for a newborn, but we aren’t sure we can recommend this for a child beyond two months old.The manufacture of the basket is not as good as the pillows and little details. For example, the floor isn’t always flat, and the dimensions may not be consistent. You might get one side half an inch lower than the other.

What is the information on durability?

The bedding may be cute, but it isn’t durable. The ribbons may fray if you wash them. The mattress will get ripped up if you run it through the washing machine. The bumpers are hard to remove from the basket.

You should cover the bed with an additional blanket that you can easily wash.The bedding is attached to the side of the basket, so the padding could fold in around your child.

What is the big issue?

The greater issue is the handles. Don’t pick up this Moses basket by the handles with the child inside, because the handles might break off.

  •  High quality
  • Adorable details
  • Not easily cleaned
  • Handles may break

10. Badger Basket Brand Wicker-Looking Baby Moses Basket with Bedding, Sheet, and Pad


Editor Rating: 3.8/5

This Moses basket by Badger Basket has a “wicker look”. This is because the basket has a metal frame covered by woven paper wicker. That makes this the strongest Moses basket on our list.

Unlike other baskets on our list, you can actually carry the child safely inside the basket by the handles. 

Yet it only weighs five pounds. The bedding consists of a polyester fabric and polyurethane foam pad. 

Why it is slightly better

The pad can easily be wiped down or even cleaned with cleaning chemicals. The fabric around the sides of the basket can be machine washed. This Moses basket is larger than average.

It is a standard 32 inches long, but at 19.5 inches across, it is much wider than average. It is 10.5 inches deep, which is slightly better than other baskets on our list.

Is it recommended for children?

Like other best quality Moses baskets, it isn’t recommended for children who can roll over or weigh more than fifteen pounds. Unlike some of the handmade items on our list, the dimensions are consistent across this product line. While the basket won’t collapse on your child, it is difficult to clean the basket weave. You can’t easily get replacement basket covers. For some, the polyester and polyurethane materials are inferior to natural materials.

  • You can safely carry the child in the basket
  • Won’t call down on your child
  • Doesn’t use natural materials
  • Can’t get replacement parts

11. Tadpoles Brand Moses Basket and Bedding Set, Blue Country Club


Editor Rating: 3.7/5

This cute little Moses basket is perfect for baby boys. Yet the blue patterned material would look great in a storage basket.

The basket itself is made from hand-woven palm leaf, a sustainable material. Like some of the other handmade Tadpoles Moses baskets, the handiwork may be uneven.

The cotton wax resist fabric resists stains better than average fabric, yet it is entirely natural. Just realize that this makes it difficult if not impossible to machine wash.

It is 32 inches long, 12 inches wide and 9 inches deep, so it is of average size, too. The basket is about as strong as average. 

However, one problem with the Moses basket is the design of the handles. They’re located in the middle of the basket but very close to the center of mass.

This means your basket and baby may tip out if you aren’t careful. The handles themselves aren’t very durable and may break under a heavy load, so you can’t carry heavier items with it, either.

  • Natural materials used in its construction
  • A classic, versatile design
  • Cannot easily carry the child in the basket
  • Can’t machine wash fabric

12. Baby Doll Brand Bedding Reversible Moses Basket Bedding Set, Brown/Green


Editor Rating: 3.6/5

This Moses basket is unusual for having reversible bedding. You can thus switch it from brown to green. The material itself is machine washable.

This Moses basket is designed for infants, and it is priced that way, too. Fortunately, it is not one of the most expensive Moses baskets on the market.

This Baby Doll brand basket is roughly 33 inches long, 19 inches wide and 11 inches deep. This makes it wider and deeper than average.

At five pounds, it is a little heavier than average. The greater issue is the weak handle connection points where they may break off.

  • Larger than average
  • Cheaper than average
  • Reversible bedding
  • Weak handles

13. Baby Doll Brand Hotel Style II Moses Basket, Blue


Editor Rating: 3.5/5

This is another Baby Doll brand Moses basket. This is the only hotel style one on our list.

It is made to fit in standard rocking Moses basket stands. It is also made to tolerate a higher level of use and abuse, since it will be carried around the room or tossed into storage.

This is the best Moses basket bassinet for commercial institutions.This Moses basket is roughly 34 inches long, 17 inches wide and 10.5 inches deep.

This makes it slightly larger than average, though it is only made to hold a child up to 15 pounds.

The material is machine washable. You get a fitted sheet and bumper in addition to a mattress. One issue with this product is that the material isn’t as soft as you’d expect. That gets worse with each washing.

  •  Rugged
  • Machine washable material
  • Universally acceptable appearance
  • Material isn’t soft

14. ICEBLUE HD Brand Moses Basket Cotton Rope


Editor Rating: 3.4/5

This is the best Moses basket bassinet for those who are tired of dealing with traditional wicker baskets.

This is the first Moses basket on our list that uses cotton rope instead of wicker or artificial materials.

That makes this bed eco-friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, it will never unravel and poke your child.

This Moses basket comes with a basic mattress pad, small pillow and a blanket in some random color.

We do not recommend using the pillow with a newborn.The Moses basket is very flexible.

 That makes it easy to fold up to store, but that means it can’t stand up when the child or the load inside the basket leans to the side.

  • None of the problems that come with wicker
  • Sustainable, all-natural materials
  • Not strong

15. Tadpoles Brand Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding Set


Editor Rating: 3.3/5

Like other Tadpoles brand Moses baskets, you can buy bedding separately from the Moses basket.

That means you can buy a different basket cover or replacement one.The bedding is entirely cotton except for the padding/mattress.

Everything except the mattress is machine washable. The cable knit cover’s weave means it is less likely to have pieces of wicker come out and poke you or your child.

The cover is fairly securely connected to the basket, too, though you can remove it.

Like other handmade models, it may be plus or minus two inches in any dimension. (The reported size is 33 inches long by 14 inches wide by 10 inches deep.)

This can cause problems if you want to put the basket in a rocking bassinette stand.

  • Sustainable materials
  •  Can buy replacement bedding and covers
  • Not dimensionally stable

16. All Natural Organic Moses Basket by Tadpoles

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Editor Rating: 3.2/5

This is a simple Moses palm-leaf wicker basket by Tadpoles. You are also getting just the Moses basket.

You don’t get a mattress, bumpers, blankets or anything else. This basket is 32 inches long, 12 inches wide and 9 inches deep.

It is similar to other best Moses baskets in size. Like other handmade versions, it is plus or minus up to two inches.

This is an issue with other Tadpoles brand wicker baskets.This bed is as strong as the other Tadpole baskets on this list.

Don’t use it with a child over 15 pounds, and it isn’t strong enough to hold the child if you pick it up by the handles.

  •  Cheap
  • Sustainable materials
  • Just the basket
  •  Dimensional variations

17.  BJolly Jumper Rocking Wooden Moses Basket Stand in Antique White


Editor Rating: 3.1/5

This is the only Moses basket rocking stand on our list, though we previously reviewed a combination bassinet / Moses basket.

This classic white frame is designed to fit 33 inch long, 17 inch wide Moses baskets.

It is fairly flexible in the depth of the Moses baskets it will hold. There is a support under the ring to support baby and basket.

Note that you have to buy a Moses basket separately.It costs about as much as some high quality Moses baskets. 

The basket stand itself is made from real hardwoods that will last for years.The rocking stand requires some assembly, though you shouldn’t need any tools to do so. (A few people have to break out an Allen wrench.) Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to put together.

What is a different problem?

A different problem is that the legs can be hard to rock. In some cases, it only wants to rock in one direction.

The product is advertised as fitting Uppa Baby brand bassinets, but there are user complaints that it does not fit the 2010-2018 models.

  •  Rocking stand that fits a wide range of Moses baskets
  • Uses high quality materials
  •  Not easy to assemble
  •  Doesn’t always rock smoothly

What is the Best Moses Basket?

The simplest definition of a Moses basket is one that holds a young infant. Moses baskets often are wicker baskets, though they aren’t waterproof or intended to float. Instead, they’re often made to be portable.

This allows a parent to carry the baby from room to room with relatively little effort. The Moses basket models fit with changing tables and cribs so that you don’t need a unique stand for them.

Is A Moses Basket can rest on the floor?

The best Moses baskets can rest on the floor, lie on the bed or sit in a crib. Furthermore, they are light enough that a parent who just gave birth can carry them.

Moses baskets typically have handles on them so that the parent can carry the child around the house or in public. This is less disruptive to a sleeping child than being stuffed in a baby carrier.

Nor does it require learning how to use a baby carrying wraparound. Just put the child in the Moses basket and carry them where you want to go. This makes a Moses basket much more versatile than a bassinet.

How Does a Moses Basket Work?

All Moses baskets are a shallow basket that’s somewhat larger than the child. They tend to be lower than cribs, because the child cannot yet roll over and fall out of it.

Lower Moses baskets shouldn’t be used once the child can pull themselves up at three to four months of age.

A deeper Moses basket can hold a baby until they’re old enough to crawl.

How Many Favor Points in the Moses Baskets?

Moses baskets have a number of points in their favor. They’re cheaper than a crib, and you can use them for several months. You can put a Moses basket in a crib, if you want.

They can also sit on the side of your bed. They’re typically lightweight and easy to store. It is far easier to take along than a portable crib. However, the Moses basket won’t protect your child from aggressive pets.

Note that a low Moses crib with handles isn’t suitable for carrying your child, only deeper ones that will keep a child from falling out as you’re walking.

A Moses Basket Keeps Children Cooler

The Moses basket’s open weave tends to keep children cooler than if they were sleeping in a crib. Yet you can add any blankets or pillows you want.

A point in favor of Moses baskets is that many of them come with the few sheets and covers your child needs. Yet you can use the Moses basket for storage after your child is too old for it, including baby toys.

Moses baskets may have a hood that gives your child some shade, too.

Types of the Moses Baskets

01. Single Moses basket

Most Moses baskets are single Moses baskets. This is because they are designed for a single child. It isn’t advisable to put twins in a single Moses basket, because it increases the odds of them overheating. And they may not have the space to freely move, while you run the risk of breathing problems.  That’s why parents of twins generally get two Moses baskets, one for each child.

02. Double Moses basket

One type of double Moses basket is an unusually wide Moses basket designed for two babies sleeping near each other. They’re often bought by parents of twins.

Another variation of the design is two Moses baskets that are attached to each other. These Moses baskets keep each child separate, helping them to regulate their body heat, while parents only have to move a single item when carrying the children from room to room.

Is There Any Triple Moses Basket?

There really aren’t triple Moses baskets on the market. There aren’t that many women with triplets. Nor can a parent of a newborn and toddler put them both a Moses basket.

If a daycare wants to put several children in Moses baskets, they’ll have a series of individual or double Moses baskets. For any new update of the market, Continue your visit to Parents Tab as a fan. 


Moses baskets are versatile products. You can use them to keep your baby with you wherever you go, and it may fit in an existing bassinet or rocking stand. The only question is which one is right for your growing family.

As the Moses basket, We reviewed few more baby products like what is the best baby walker, rain cover for baby stroller, portable fan for baby room, retractable baby gate, stroller fan, glider for small nursery, and more. These are also important to keep the baby happy. So don't forget to check these review articles before choosing an item for your baby. 

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