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7 Best Fixie Bikes in 2021 (Full Reviews and Buying Guide)

You will be shocked at how excellent fixed gear bikes are for traveling daily or even for exercising and staying fit. It is quickly becoming the new sensation among the young urban.

However, being relatively a new concept makes it prone to being a bit expensive, and not every person would want to shell that amount of money on a bike. However, you can still get cheap fixie bikes if you really want one.

If you are worried that being cheap might bog down its quality, then we are here for reassurance. You can read all about fixie bikes and the different accessories needed to run such vehicles through this guide.

Here are the Top 7 Best Fixie Bikes Review

When you have to compromise on price, you really need to cross-check every feature and ensure safety. Yes, you can get safety features in affordable bikes as well, as long as you are choosing the right brand.

01. Schwinn Kedzie Best Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike


If within a budget, the one thing that concerns you the most is durability, then you need to check for a sturdy framework. Luckily, this model from Schwinn can be the one that you were on the hunt for. 


This bike is amazing if you want the best fixie bikes to hold its shape and last longer. It has an all-steel framework to ensure consistency throughout the framework.

Being steel built makes the bike stable and fit for racing even. As a fixed gear vehicle, this bike has only one speed. And its 46T by 18T drivetrain boasts a flip-flop hub for easy connection. 

So, the bike does not face any issue in redirecting the force directly to the chain. Besides that, it also has 32H alloy rims that easily support 700c wheels for superior compatibility with the whole system.


Riding this vehicle is super easy, thanks to the caliper brakes that help in precision stops. Moreover, it has the classic Schwinn seats and proper grips for a comfortable ride.


The best part about this bike is how it still keeps it cool at a moderate price. The framework comes in bright blue and red and also has gold detailing around the rim.

With so much happening, people can barely figure out the actual cost of the thing!

  • Comes with alloy caliper brakes
  • Comfortable grips on handle and seat
  • Sports a durable framework and form
  • 700c durable bike
  • Available in two stylish colors
  • Setting up the bike needs professional help

02. Schwinn Stites Fixie Adult Commuter Road Bike


Sometimes it is easy to look past important features such as a fork. It connects the entire bike to the front wheel, which certainly means that it is an important feature. Unfortunately, it can also be a defective feature. 


Thankfully the fork on this model is not faulty. It has the perfect shape to keep the front wheel in check while still giving it full mobility to move. Thus, it becomes responsive and allows you to move about with ease.

Like classic Schwinn products, this one is also very sturdy and durable, thanks to the all-steel hardcore construction. The frame is not too hefty and not very light either. It works fantastically for the best fixed gear bike.

Moreover, it can work with the 46T by 18T drivetrain. The single-speed mode keeps the rider on their toes constantly, and having this steel frame is an excellent choice.


This bike is amazing when it comes to usage and comfort. The caliper hand brakes on the front and rear ends allow the user to flip the rear wheel. As a result, you can coast whenever you want. Besides that, it also comes with a comfortable seat and handles.


The shape and design of this model are like the previous one. However, if the bright colors are not something that you want, you can easily go with this. The white and black monotones of the bike make it look classic and mature.

  • Easy drivetrain
  • Allows to coast
  • Responsive fork system
  • Sturdy steel framework
  • Classic look
  • The brake pads might have issues

03. GYZLZZB Fixie Single Speed Commuter City Road Bike

While traditional bikes always come pre-installed, you might find the case to be different for the best fixie bikes. So, you might get bike that you love to death, but the installation process is a major headache. That does not seem like an ideal situation.


However, you will not face that issue with the GYZLZZB fixie. It will be helpful if you are a beginner and do not know much about bike assembly because this comes 90% pre-installed.


The remaining 10% will be quick as well. A prominent feature that is noticeable in this model is the rim. 

These rims are unlike traditional ones and have double-walled aluminum. It helps the wheel and the tire to bear the load of the bike easily.

Even with the double-wall, this bike remains 100 kg, which should be easy to pull with a single speed. Besides being durable, this factor also adds protection to the bike.


Due to having a bigger rim-work, the fork is smaller in size. But that does not stop it from providing stability and balance to the vehicle. In fact, it allows the bike to easily adapt to the reverse brake mechanism.


This design aims to give you a retro feel with its mint-body and large fonts on the wheels. The seat also extends upwards by a lot, and the handle is a curved one.

  • Does not come with a traditional brake

04. State Bicycle Co. Contender II Premium Fixed Gear/Fixie Bike

You must have heard of how fixed-gear bikes are getting more popular in the racing world. That is because you can measure the actual speed and skill of a rider with such vehicles. 


So, if you are also interested in racing with a fixie, this is one of the finest best fixie bikes. It is a perfect racing model as it combines the best framework with a highly functional crankset.

With the SRAM S100 Track crank, you can easily harness your peddling power and channel it all to motion without wasting any energy.

This bike consists of Reynolds Chromoly steel, which makes it an absolute banger. It allows the vehicle to remain lightweight, which in turn helps the rider to peddle faster. 

But at the same time, the steel is extremely durable. It also features a 43 mm wheel-set, which has a deep-V design, all of which aids in racing.


Immediately you will notice how the handle of this bike is wildly different from most handles you have seen. The handle curves down towards the front. That helps the rider get in a better position.

Besides that, it also has an aerodynamic level saddle for the ultimate comfort.


This product will last for a while since its core steel framework is so strong. All the other components, such as the alloy pedals, also make it stronger.

  • Convenient crankset
  • Sports sturdy Chromoly steel body
  • A unique handle
  • Top-notch seat
  • Perfect for racing
  • Not suitable for a daily commute

05. State Bicycle Co. Ashton Fixed Gear/Fixie Single Speed Bike

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Many people shy-away from fixed-gear bikes because it needs constant peddling. That can be an excellent factor if you like to exercise, but most people might not.

However, if you wanted to free-ride using a single speed, then we have something for you.


Usually, since a rigid drive train means the hub and chain-set have direct coupling, the rider cannot stop peddling. If they do, that will cause the bike to stop.

However, thanks to its unique feature, you can coast with a single speed on this bike. The flip/flop hub comes in a new sealed bearing form, which gives you the freedom to switch gears and coast whenever you want.


The entire framework of the best fixie bike is of steel, not just any steel. It boasts a 4130 chromyl frame, which is superior to most steel types. It keeps the bike extremely lightweight and also shields it from frequent harm.


The handlebars on this vehicle come with deluxe bullhorn bar tape that offers it a soft look. The saddle is also padded, and for extra protection, you can easily halt using the radius brakes in the front and rear ends.


This bike comes in a beautiful soft shade of crimson that looks very 50s’. The saddle, framework, and even the handles have a recurring color theme that makes this bike extremely stylish and classic.

  • Switch between fixed gear and coating
  • Sports an aesthetic theme
  • Comes with brakes
  • Lightweight frame
  • Bullhorn taped handle
  • Not suitable for racing

06. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie


If you like the idea of being able to shift the gears and coast at will, but want a best fixie bike that is lightweight, then meeting those criteria might be challenging.

However, do not be upset, as we have a model that fits the description. This bike model is as lightweight as it can get.


For multiple reasons, a bike might need to put on weight, and a top one is for durability. But by utilizing high-quality aluminum, the bike keeps its weight in check.


The entire body, including the frame, has a lightweight status. It is a genius concept that some might consider as not a fixie, but you still can ride at single-speed, so you get a fixie's benefits.

In this system, you can shift the gear from fixed and make it flexible. Thus, you can coast around corners or ride freely whenever. However, unlike regular bikes, you have to coast with limited speed.


The lightweight feature, along with free coasting, makes this model perfect for an urban setting. If you hit the stairs, just carry the bike, and if there is a corner, you can coast.

The installation is also fairly simple, making the model quite versatile.


The exterior of this vehicle looks very slick and modern. It comes with a matte frame and a glossy fork, and the contrast looks beautiful. You also get to choose from 10 different color stories!

  • Lightweight frame
  • Perfect for an urban setting
  • Boasts flip/flop gears
  • Ten different color stories
  • Durable
  • The seat might be uncomfortable

07. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

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Retrospec is a brand that is well-loved by many people in the sports community. It is exciting that the brand also has a line of the best fixie bikes, and you should know that these are some amazing quality bikes.


You might think that an urban terrain is all smooth and glazed, but when you are on a bike, you do not strictly move on the road; you might hit some bumpy spots in the road, and for that, the bike has to be prepared.

Luckily, this model has 30mm deep-V rims to absorb the initial shock from any bump. The KMC chain, coupled with the free-style pedal, also helps in a smooth ride. 

The brand always takes safety seriously; and knowing the jeopardy in any road, they included high-quality Promax brakes. With the help of the brake, you can halt at a split second. The shock absorption also helps in reduced punctures.


You will get a high-quality, hand-built steel frame in this bike, which can interchange between coasting and fixed gears. Moreover, it boasts a riser handlebar that helps you to stay up-right and reduces chances of back-aches.


After getting so many cool features, having a bland look would be a shame. But you get two colors – orange and matte graphite to choose from. It is a perfect fusion of retro and urban style.

  • Amazing shock-absorption
  • Tig-welded steel frame
  • Promax brakes for safety
  • High-rise handlebar
  • Offers gear switching options
  • The crank might be too long

What to Consider before Purchasing

The Perfect Urban Fixed Bike ?

Strictly speaking, a fixie bike is a vehicle where the chain-set has a direct connection with the hub. This essentially means that the peddle and the wheels move at the same time and speed.

1. Traditional vs Fixie

In traditional bikes, you can peddle a few times and stop; the motion will still move the wheels. But in a best fixie bike, that will not happen.

So, you have to keep peddling to move the rear wheel. It is a popular concept among cycle enthusiasts. These models do not have brakes either.

2. Coasting

However, the frequent consumer brands have blurred the lines between a fixie and a single-speed bike. Now, you can enjoy the process of continuous peddling and switch anytime for coasting.

So, while we cannot call those models a fixie, it still has the essence, and also the added comfort.

3. Brakes

Moreover, the newer generation of such bikes is also coming up with essential features such as brakes. The most interesting part is that you can easily get cheap fixie bikes under 100 if you look carefully.

Plus, they will not be of poor quality either. So, if we managed to capture your attention and you want to check out more of these bikes, then keep reading on.

These bikes might be a totally new concept to you, but they have gained quite a name very quickly. Hence, you can find them in multiple places.

4. Brands

Naturally, a number of manufacturers saw the demand, and they were quick to start supplying fixie bikes. Schwinn, State Bicycle Co. Continental are all top brands in the biking community.

So, you can check their websites to find one. You can also check for reviews about some models in our following segments to have a better understanding.

5. Retail Stores

Besides that, different retail stores should also carry such bikes as there is a demand for it. And if you are on a budget, you can always look out for black Friday or any other holiday.

You will surely get cheap fixie bikes for sale around those times.

6. Second Hand

There is also another option. If you have your heart set on a bike, and you cannot find it anywhere, then you can always look for second-hand ones.

However, be sure to do a thorough check and try to see if there is any major defect or not.

Final Words

Just because these are the best cheap fixie bikes does not mean that they are not worth it. In fact, we would ditch the word cheap and say that these are some amazing affordable bikes that sometimes even outperform expensive models.

However, now that you know a lot more about fixies and where to get them from, it should be easy to pick one.

So, let the journey of cruising through open roads begin!

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